The 9 Most Painful Bites of Indian Creatures

There are so many flying insects in India like Mosquito,Honey bees,Wasp and Indian hornets. The bites of these small but dangerous insects involve injection of venom into the skin. A quarter-inch long sting of bees and wasp are one of the most painful bites from these flying insects. Apart from flying insects, there are few other species as well, who leave a painful bite, some of them are highly venomous such as snake and scorpions. In some area of India, farming of honey bees and fish are done by the local villagers for livelihood.

Top 20 Most Terrifying Horrifying and Scary Insects of India

Indian Hornets: The Giant Indian hornets are the world’s largest Wasp, found to near by countries as well, Bite of the great hornet of India is very painful and it swell the whole area. These are the also known as killer hornets,their powerful sting is about a quarter-inch long,so it is a bit more painful.


Honey Bees: As sweet as honey is,the sting of honey bees are just opposite, Sting of the maker of honey are much painful, it can lead to death as well, if mob of honey bees has attacked on human. There are four species of honeybees in India and Rock bees of India are the largest honey bee species in the world.


Indian Wasp: The yellow colored Indian Wasp has quite powerful sting as well, The India paper wasp mostly made hive near to house or at garden area. Indian Wasp bite also swell the whole area very dangerously and it takes almost a week to get heal.


Mosquito: The small insect Mosquito found across all over India and bites only humans,The small butter fly bite is most dangerous for human beings, Mosquito bite causes malaria and Dengue fever. Due malaria and Dengue fever estimated 20000 people die in India every year.


Spider: The Indian spiders are not venom as compare to spiders of other countries except one,The wind scorpions or sun spiders which one has venom and found in India. Spider bites do leave a large enough wound that infection may be a concern,which cause few painful day to get heal.


Snake: The beautiful reptiles has a credit to kill estimated 50000 people in a year in India,The krait snake of India is considered to be the most deadliest animal on earth as well. The Indian King Cobra is one of the biggest snake in India, as well as the highly venomous snake in the world.

Scorpions: Scorpions are opportunistic predators of small arthropods and insects. The Red and Black Indian scorpions are listed as most dangerous scorpions, around 10-20 peoples die by scorpion bite in a year in India.


Ant: The Ants in India occupy a variety of habitats such as leaf litter, trees, soil, house and dead logs. The red ant of India is one of the dangerous ant,it leave a small red mark an painful irritation. Jerdon’s Jumping Ant is a unique ant species that can be found in India, the biggest ant in India is about an inch long.


Fish: Fish bite caused an infection on skin or a wound some time,There are very few fish found in India,who are dangerous for human,but they can give you a shock of fever. There are few cases registered of fish biting in West Bengal and Lathur in Maharashtra.

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7 years ago

NOTE: Here cruel are not any other our human animals only

Prateek Dalal
4 years ago

I hate them 🙁

Rohit Puri
Rohit Puri
3 years ago

“The krait snake of India is considered to be the most deadliest animal on earth as well.” —- This is not true. In fact, they aren’t even the deadliest snake. That position goes to Black Mamba followed by our King Cobra taking the 2nd spot…………and as far as deadliest animals are concerned (venomous category only), if m not mistaken the order is – box jellyfish, king cobra, blue ringed octopus…………