Five Most Dangerous Country in The World For Women

As per the survey of Trust Law, India is among the top five most dangerous country in the world for women and worst among the group of 20 nations. Some of the major cities of India such as Delhi, Gurgaon and Meerut are ranked as most unsafe Indian cities for women.


Afghanistan a very dangerous place for women as well as for any other foreign tourists, Violence, dismal health care and brutal poverty make Afghanistan the world’s most dangerous country for women.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the most dangerous place on Earth for women,Sexual Violence,number of rapes and other humanitarian disaster ranked it 2nd most dangerous place for women in the world.


Pakistan ranks 3rd on list of most dangerous countries for women, cases of acid attacks, child marriage and the stone punishments or other physical abuse makes it worst for women to live.


The large number of cases of violence against women, high number of female foeticide, infanticide and human trafficking in India has placed it as the fourth most dangerous place for women. Also due to the so many cases of rapes against the foreign tourists.


Somalia ranked fifth due to the series of terrorism, famine and piracy, Health threats, sexual violence, human trafficking and other major issue’s are making it one the most dangerous place for a woman.

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