10 Beautiful Birds of Pigeon and Dove Family in India

Pigeons and doves are the common birds from the family of Columbidae, There are 7 species of dove, 4 species of pigeon and 10 species of green pigeons found in India, Here is the list of Pigeon and Dove birds of the Indian Subcontinent. (For Green Pigeons Click Here).

Laughing Dove

Laughing -Dove

Laughing dove is the most common species of pigeon and is a resident breeder of the Indian Subcontinent. This small long-tailed dove known as little brown dove or laughing turtle dove, palm dove and Senegal dove in India and Australia.

Common Emerald Dove


The common emerald dove is green color breeding pigeon found in India, also known as green dove or green-winged pigeon but not a true green pigeon. Emerald dove is the state bird of the Tamil Nadu and like other species of dove they are also usually occur in pairs or in small groups. Image source – Wiki

Spotted Dove


Spotted dove is another common resident breeding bird of the India, Found from Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia. This species along with laughing dove and collared dove are always seen across a range of habitats including woodland, scrub, farmland and habitation.

Oriental Turtle Dove


The oriental turtle dove has a wide distribution range from Europe to India, Turtle dove is very similar to European turtle dove in plumage but larger in size as a collared dove. Turtle dove forage on the ground and feeds on the seeds, sunflower, wheat, millet and amaranths. Image source – Wiki

Red Collared Dove


The red collared dove is a small pigeon bird also known as the red turtle dove with pale brown plumage. Red collared dove is a small species of dove, a summer migrant visitor to India and the most common dove throughout Punjab.

Eurasian Collared Dove


Eurasian collared dove is a large size dove species native to India, Europe and Asia, They breed close to human habitation and found around farms close to human area. The collared dove are not migratory and closely related to rock pigeon and wood pigeons of India.

Nilgiri Wood Pigeon


Nilgiri wood pigeon can be identified by their large size, A large size pigeon that found in the forests and sholas of the Western Ghats. The Nilgiri dove or wood pigeon mainly found along the Nilgiri Hills and Western Ghats in small groups.

Nicobar Pigeon


Nicobar pigeon are the most beautiful and large pigeon of India, roams in flocks from small islands to islands of the Andaman and Nicobar. The pigeons were hunted for food and now listed as near-threatened species and found on small coastal regions islands.

Rock Dove/ Rock Pigeon


Rock dove or common pigeon are pale grey with black bars feral pigeons found in India, breeds at any time of the year and are omnivorous. Indian rock dove are a prey for several raptor species that live in urban areas like sparrowhawk, Shikra and Besra.

Common Wood Pigeon

Common Wood Pigeon is a large species in the dove and pigeon family, breeds in trees in woods and eat larvae, ants, and small worms. One of the subspecies out five are found in northwest India and Nepal.

There are more species of the dove and pigeon family found in India, Common wood pigeon, Mountain imperial pigeon, green imperial pigeon and 10 species of green pigeon are found in India, More on
pigeons please follow the link

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