12 Species of Babbler Birds Found in India

Leiothrichidae is the family of babbler and Turdoides is belong to babbler, forage in noisy groups and brown or grey-brown plumage with coloration. The babblers are also known sister birds in India, Always found in group or in pair in variety of habitat ranging from Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Common Babbler

The common babbler is a small member from babbler family, found in small parties in open ground, moving on tops of bushes. Common hawk-cuckoo are brood parasites, Mostly laying their eggs in nests of common babblers.

Jungle Babbler


The jungle babbler is a common jungle bird that found in most parts of the Indian subcontinent, Popularly known as seven sisters birds in urban cities. Jungle babbler seen in gardens, forested areas in small groups of seven and known for high pitched calls.

Large Grey Babbler


Large grey babbler is one of the largest species of babblers found in India, Very common around open forest and gardenland. The large brown babbler found throughout the Indian subcontinent, usually seen in small groups and feed mainly on insects.

Yellow-billed Babbler

The yellow-billed babbler species is also not a migratory Indian bird, common resident breeding bird of India like other most babblers. These grey brown babbler birds mostly distributed in southern India and often seen with black drongos and Indian palm squirrels.

Rufous Babbler

Rufous babbler bird from family Leiothrichidae is an endemic species of babbler found in the Western Ghats of India. The large dark brown babbler with log tail and grey forehead, always found feeding mainly on the ground in Western Ghats.

Striated Babbler

Striated babbler has a very large range, The species found India to Myanmar and also in southern Asia. The striated babbler is also a pale brown bird like other species of babblers and feeds on ground in group of six of seven birds.

Tawny-bellied Babbler

Tawny-bellied babbler or rufous-bellied babbler is a small bird of low scrub forest, They breed from May to September and Banded bay cuckoos species known to lay their eggs in the nests of Tawny-bellied babbler.

Indian Scimitar Babbler

Indian scimitar babbler along with subspecies of the white-browed scimitar babbler are two babblers of the peninsular Indian species. They are often seen in the Western Ghats south of Goa, Rajasthan and Gujarat; possibly Orissa with the greatest variety in color.

Slender-billed Babbler

The slender-billed babbler is also a small bird from babbler family of Leiothrichidae, Found from Nepal to Northeast India. This small species is very difficult to see on the bushes, dry grass and in the natural habitat.

Jerdon’s Babbler

Jerdon’s babbler is native bird of grasslands in the Indian sub-continent and relative of the yellow-eyed babbler with little orange upperside plumage. They are long-tailed bird that occurs along the rivers and tributaries, in Terai as well as Dibru-Saikhowa National Park of Assam.

Abbott’s Babbler

Abbott’s babbler is a small tailed bird, distributed along the Indian Himalayas to South Asia and a resident of Junlge in Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and in the river valley of Assam, also resident in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Yellow-eyed Babbler


The yellow-eyed babbler is native to Southeast Asia, from Nepal through India to Myanmar, occurs mainly on the plain region of the Western Ghats. Like other species of babblers found in India, yellow-eyed babbler is also seen in small groups and usually found inside bushes.

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