15 Most Common City Birds of India

Bird watching in India is one of the most pleasurable experience, Apart from the bird parks and sanctuaries one can also spot variety of birds around the city and villages. Some common birds of around the house are Indian sparrow,Rock Pigeon, Common white Crane and Indian Myna.

Into the forest area or around the beautiful villages of India one can also spot wild dove, Pied Kingfisher,Spotted Owlet, Saker falcon and the Yellow-footed Green Pigeon. Some of the common city birds now also falls in the category of endangered species of birds due to loss of habitat and pollution.

Sunbirds – Purple sunbird/Purple-rumped sunbird


The beautiful and very small passerine birds is distributed throughout the Indian Subcontinent. There are 132 species of Sunbird found across the India and like other small birds they also feed mainly on nectar also take insects and spiders.


Rose-ringed Parakeet


The beautiful Ring necked Parakeet is native to the Asian and spread up to large range of Afro-Asian. Indian Ring-Necked Parrot are popular as pets in India and in the wild usually feed on buds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries and seeds.

Greater Coucal


The Crow Pheasant bird is member of cuckoo family and widespread resident in Asia, from India to Indonesia. Greater Coucal found in wide range of habitats from jungle to cultivation and urban gardens and associated with omens in many parts of its range.

Green Bee Eater


The little Green Bee Eaters are mostly found around the wheat field and mainly feeds insect, they are also found in grassland, thin scrub and forest. Green Bee Eaters nest inside the ground and has commonly found throughout the large range of Asia.

Indian Roller


The Blue Indian Roller is one of the most beautiful bird of India and sacred bird for Hindu. They can be very commonly seen across the roadside trees,wires and open grassland and scrub forest near by any village. Indian roller is also known as the Blue Jay or Neelkanth in Indian local language.

Black Drongo


The Black Drongo is native bird of Indian subcontinent but also found now a days to southern Asia.Black Drongo is a wholly black bird with a unique forked tail, feeding on insects and found commonly in the open agricultural areas of village and light forest around.

Asian Koel


The Koel is the member of the cuckoo family and found across all over India, feeds mainly on berries fruits and also consumes insects. Monsoon period is one of best time to spot these singing birds around the cities.


The beautiful bird is a widely used as symbol in Indian poetry. The male Asian Koel is greenish-black with red eyes and female is brownish.

White-throated Kingfisher


The Small Blue Kingfisher is commonly see across the river or any water bodies.Its habitats range stretches from India to Southeast Asia, some time a White-throated Kingfisher and Pied Kingfisher can also be spotted near by any water bodies while fishing.

Laughing Dove


The Little Dove is a small pigeon of common forest, scrub and dry farmland and a resident breeder to the Indian Subcontinent. The Laughing Doves also known as little Brown Dove is feeds on grass, seeds, grains, other vegetation and small insects.

Red Vented Bulbul


The Red-vented Bulbul is a member of the bulbul family and a resident of the Indian Subcontinent. Red-vented Bulbul is one of the most common bird in India, It has adapted the urban culture very well, It also known as red ass bird in local language.

Jungle Babbler


Babbler also known as the Jungle Babbler is native bird of Indian Subcontinent and always found in small groups of six to ten birds around the cities. Babbler birds are very social and maintain their group and territories, can be spotted very common near town.

Black Kite


Black Kites is a medium-sized flying predator bird from the family of bird of prey. The opportunistic hunters are always on search of foods around the city and town and more likely to scavenge. This Black kite is widely distributed across the every city of India.

Indian Myna


The most Common bird Myna is native to Asia and adapted the urban culture and environments very well. There are many species of Starlings birds found in India some of them are easily spotted around the cities like common Myna, Brahminy Myna, Pied Myna and Bank Myna.

Red Whiskered Bulbul


The Red -whiskered Bulbul is a Asian bird and one of the most beautiful species of common birds of India. Red whiskered Bulbul always found in pairs and their calls sound very pleasurable. They are also commonly found in hill forests, villages and urban gardens.

Common Tailorbird


The Common Tailorbird is small warbler songbird, found across the India and a common resident of urban gardens. The small bird with long tail is often heard but very difficult to see, specially in a tree or gardens.

Adding More Common Indian Birds with Name and Picture.

There are more birds one can spot around the cities, Availability of birds are depends upon the habitat and season. Indian cities offers different common birds on every season, adding more pictures of common birds found across the country.

Indian-grey Hornbill




Indian Golden Oriole


Baya weaver


Indian Brown Chat


Pied Bush Chat


Common Iora


Coppersmith Barbet


Long-tailed shrike


Brahminy Starling Myna


Ashy Prinia


Scaly-breasted munia


Indian Robin


Oriental Magpie-Robin


The Oriental Magpie-Robin, Red-wattled Lapwing, Little Egret, Brown-winged Whistling Thrush, Copper smith barbet and beautiful white-eye bird are few more most common birds around the house.

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