5 Nocturnal Bird Species Found in India

There are very few birds that are active nocturnally, such as owl species,Night herons, Nightjar, Frogmouth and Kakapo flightless parrot of New Zealand.



Nightjar is a medium sized nocturnal bird, mostly active in the late night and expert in camouflaging. These birds are also known as nighthawks, found around the world.


The frogmouth are nocturnal birds found in forest habitats. Frogmouth birds are found in the Indian Subcontinent and named due to the flattened hooked bill.

Barn Owl


Like most owls, the barn owl is also nocturnal, and one of the most widespread species of owl birds. Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, hunt mostly on small mammals, insects, snakes and fish.

Night Heron

Black Crowned night heron is a medium sized water bird, breed in wetlands and fresh water lakes. Night herons rest in trees or bushes during the daylight.

Red Wattled Lapwing


Red wattled lapwing are known for loud alarm calls and said to feed at night during the full moon. This species is most found around the wetland habitats and open ground.

Bats are nocturnal mammals with wings, The largest bats are the flying foxes found in India. Other nocturnal animals found in India also include Honey badger, striped Hyena,Leopard gecko, Scorpion, Catfish, Porcupine and Pangolin.

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