15 Most Amazing Nocturnal Animals in India

Here is the list of 15 known species of nocturnal wild animals found in India along with Indian Flying Fox, Barn Owl, Nightjar birds, Indian krait snake, Indian Black Scorpion, Tarantula spider and Binturong.

Asiatic Lion


Indian lions are primarily nocturnal, One of five species of big cats found in India. The Asiatic lion are only restricted to the Gir National Park of Gujarat and estimated population of lion in India was estimated at 523 individuals in the wild.

Indian Leopard


Indian Leopard is the msot solitary, and nocturnal wild animal of India, powerful swimmer and tree climbers. The elusive big cat is not only a versatile and opportunistic hunter but also attacks on humans and street dogs.

Sloth Bear


Indian species of sloth bear is listed as vulnerable, are the most nocturnal of bear species found in India. The back bear also been called labiated bear and feeds on fruits, ants and termites, is the most widespread species of bear in India.

Indian Wolf


Indian wolves are nocturnal species and a variants of the grey wolf found in the Indian Subcontinent. The wolf is similar to other known species of wolf like the European in structure but smaller in size, hunt from dusk to dawn on antelopes.

Striped Hyena

Indian striped hyena is the largest striped hyenas species of the true hyenas, primarily a scavenger like other species and one of the
most popular nocturnal animal of India.


The striped hyenas are not a territorial animals, always found roaming around when its total darkness and feeds mainly on carcasses.

Indian Hedgehog

The Indian hedgehog is one of the three species of hedgehog found in India, Madras hedgehog and long-eared hedgehog are being other two. Hedgehog is a fully nocturnal animal and a small species of mammal native to India in the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Honey Badger


The honey badger or ratel is the is the only species of Mellivora found in the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Southwest Asia. Ratel known as Bijju in India, primarily a carnivorous species, notorious, fearless and feeds on beehives, frogs, lizards, rodents and snakes.

Indian Civet

Small Indian Civet

Civet cats are a viverrid species, found in most of India, There are 9 species of civet found in India and Malabar large-spotted civet is endemic to the Western Ghats. Indian civet species are nocturnal, primarily terrestrial and feed on rats, birds and frogs.



The caracal is one of the lesser known species of wild cat found in India, Middle East, Central Asia. Typically nocturnal, caracal is a carnivore cat, mostly occurs in western India around Sariska and Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Indian Pangolin


Indian pangolin is a solitary nocturnal mammal, native to the Indian subcontinent and mostly feeds on ants and termites. The scaly anteater is one of the most trafficked mammal in the world, known for uses of various body parts used in traditional medicine.

Indian Porcupine

Indian-Crested- Porcupine

Indian crested porcupine is one of the largest species of rodent found in India, weighing 11–18 kg and are found throughout India and south Asia.
The Indian porcupine is a nocturnal animal, mostly herbivorous, live in natural caves or under the ground and the predators includes human, leopard and striped hyena.

Bengal Slow Loris

Bengal slow loris is a arboreal primate species, native to the Indian subcontinent and a nocturnal animal. The slow loris found in India is the largest species of slow loris, native to Northeast states and found in protected areas in Northeast India.

Fishing Cat


Fishing cat is a medium sized species of wild cat found in the swamps and mangroves of West Bengal. The fishing cat is also the state animal of West Bengal, primarily found in the Terai of Assam in India and Nepal, primarily nocturnal wild animal.

Indian Flying Squirrel

Indian giant flying squirrel is arboreal and nocturnal species of rodent with capable of flight or gliding, found in mainland India and Southeast Asia.
The flying squirrel is a large species of squirrel found in India, inhabits dry deciduous and evergreen forests and only found in northeast India.

Indian Boar


Indian wild boar active during the night and is taller and haired than the European species. The wild boars are nocturnal animals by nature and the species is one of the widest-ranging mammals in the world with up to 16 subspecies.

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