10 Critically Endangered Species of Birds in India

Due to the loss of habitat,prey and heavy hunting for meats, some of the Indian birds are on the verge of extinction. Poaching and massive hunting took these beautiful species birds into the category of critically endangered birds of India. Great Indian bustard,Indian Vulture, Himalayan quail and Siberian Crane are few species of birds who are facing critical problem of extinction.

14 Most Beautiful Indian Birds on The Verge of Extinction

Great Indian Bustard


The Great Indian Bustard is a most endangered species of bird found only in India and adjoining region. Bustard is one of the largest flying species of bird with weight up to 15 kg and about 1 m tall from the ground. The largest land bird habitat in the scrub, tall grass,semi-arid grasslands and semi desert regions of Rajasthan.

Due to heavily hunting and habitat loss, the bird is disappearing from the many regions of India, Its state bird of Rajasthan. There is a wildlife sanctuary called Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary at Solapur, Maharashtra.

Red Headed Vulture


The Red-headed Vulture is also known as Indian Black Vulture or King Vulture is one of the species of Old World vultures found in the Indian Subcontinent. Due to the Diclofenac in veterinary medicine population of this species become extremely less in recent years.

Indian Vulture, Slender-billed Vulture and White rumped Vulture are the few more species of vultures found in India and falls in the category of critically endangered species of birds.

Forest Owlet

Forest Owlet is the highly endangered species of the typical owls family and endemic to forests of central India. Small Forest Owlet was considered extinct but later rediscovered and small number population make this species critically endangered in India.

Melghat Tiger Reserve,Taloda Forest Range and forest area of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are best place to located these small jungle owl. Forest Owlet is the state bird of Maharashtra now.

Spoon Billed Sandpiper


Spoon Billed Sandpiper is the world’s most threatened bird species and fall in the category of critically endangered in India too. Extremely small population,habitat loss and loss of breeding grounds takes spoon-billed sandpiper chicks on the verge of extinction. Main wintering grounds in India are delta of Sundervan and neighbouring countries.

Jerdon’s Courser


The nocturnal bird,Jerdon’s Courser is most threatened and enigmatic birds of India, Specially endemic to southern Andhra Pradesh. Jerdon’s Courser is listed as critically endangered bird, it was thought to be extinct but again appear but remains critically endangered due to habitat loss. Mostly found in Godaveri river valley,Sri Lankamalleshwara Sanctuary and in the Eastern Ghats forest range.

Bengal Florican


The Bengal Florican is the rare species of bustard family and native to Indian Subcontinent only. Bengal Florican is one of the most threatened species and almost extinct at other place of world, less than 1,000 only young Bengal Floricans are disturbed in the Indian Subcontinent.

Its the world’s rarest bustard but Poaching and land conversion for agriculture took its habitat and flag it as endangered species.

White Bellied Heron


The Great White-bellied Heron also known as Imperial Heron is a large heron found in the foothills of Great Himalaya to the eastern Himalayas ranges. The tall dark and grey heron is large species with longest neck and no black stripes on the neck. Disappearance of wetlands,poaching and and habitat destruction are the major concern for heron.

Himalayan Quail

The amazing and beautiful Himalayan quail is a belongs to pheasant family and found only at western Himalayas of Uttarakhand and north-west region of India. Himalayan Quail is one of very critically endangered species of Indian birds, habitat destruction makes it on the verge of extinction. Quail is medium-sized and only flying to the close area.

Sociable Lapwing


Sociable Lapwing is a migratory bird from open grassland of Kazakhstan and found only in the north-west region of India. The medium sized lapwing is very attractive with longish black legs,dark belly and a short black bill. Habitat destruction is the main reason of for this species to get listed in the endangered birds.

Siberian Crane

The stunning Siberian White Crane are migratory birds and visit India during the winters season. Majestic Siberian Cranes are among one of the most endangered species of birds in the world. In the last few years population of the migratory Siberian cranes are slightly decreased and fall under the threat of extinction.


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