Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds of Indian Subcontinent

The avifauna of India includes a large variety of unique and rare species of birds including Great Indian Hornbill, Great Indian Bustard, Green Avadavat and Sunbird’s. Total of around 1301 species of bird found in India out 42 are endemic to Indian subcontinent and rest of others are Introduced and accidental species. Some of the most beautiful academic birds of India includes Malabar parakeet,Himalayan Quail,Nilgiri flycatcher,Indian peacock and Bugun Liocichla.

Also there are few beautiful wild birds of India are Babblers,Green Bee Eaters,blue Indian Roller and giant Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, along with other common birds Red Whiskered Bulbul and Indian Ringneck Parakeet. There are 12 species of birds who are endemic to the only Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Nicobar pigeon, Nicobar Bulbul, Andaman Scops-owl, Nicobar Parakeet and Andaman Drongo.

The beautiful birds of India by – Kailash Kumbhkar

Asian Paradise Flycatcher


The amazing Asian Paradise Flycatcher is a impressive medium-sized bird found across all over India.The male Paradise Flycatchers has a long and impressive tail with a with a greyish throat and underparts. Rufous and white forms of an Asiatic paradise flycatcher can be spotted in the thick forests and well-wooded habitats from Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan to Andhra Pradesh.

Fire Tailed Myzornis


The little Fire-tailed Myzornis is a member of the genus Myzornis and a local resident in Himalayas ranges. Fire-tailed Myzornis got its name due to its fabulous tail, Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.

Himalayan Monal


The beautiful bird form pheasant family Himalayan Monal also known as the Impeyan Pheasant or Danph is the state bird of Uttarakhand. The colorful and stunning bird is academic to the higher altitudes of the Himalayas mountain ranges including states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian Peafowl


The Indian peafowl or Blue peafowl is one of the most coloured bird of the pheasant family and native to to South Asia. The male is known as a peacock is one of the large bird found in India with a length of 40 to 46 inches. Indian Peacock is the National bird of India and one of the sacred bird in Hindu mythology.

The beautiful blue peafowl is the resident of the Indian Subcontinent and frequently found across all over India and neighbouring countries.

Indian Pitta


Indian Pitta is a medium sized bird mostly pops out in every winters season for breeding in southern part of India and sub-Himalayas foothills. The small stubby-tailed bird found mostly in the thick undergrowth and on the floor of forests.

It has long and strong leg with very short tail and crown with nine colours green upper parts, blue tail,red lower belly, black coronal stripes,orange vent,and white throat. Indian Pitta is one of the rare bird of Indian subcontinent and found in a very large range of habitats.

Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird


The small and beautiful Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird is found only in the north east region of Indian states. Its natural habitats range is distributed from Uttarakhand to Himalayas of north-east India and neighbouring countries. Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird is one of the 12 species of Sun bird found in India, sun birds are most common city birds.

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher


The Alcedinidae family bird is also known as the Black-backed Kingfisher is a small beautiful red and yellow kingfisher bird. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is endemic to western ghat of southwest India found mainly into the densely shaded forests of Konkan region. Indian three-toed Kingfisher is one of the most popular out of 12 species of Kingfishers found in India.

Red Headed Trogon


The Red-headed Trogon is a species of Trogonidae family habitats in the tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It found in the forests of the eastern parts of India and neighbouring countries.

Sarus Crane


The large Sarus Crane is the only resident crane of Indian Subcontinent, Mostly found in south to the Godavari River, west to coastal Gujarat,Punjab,east to West Bengal and Assam. Sarus Crane is the largest of Indian cranes with a maximum height of about 5.9 ft making them the world’s tallest flying bird.

The population of Sarus Crane is declining in the country so falls in the category of endangered species of bird in India. Sarus Crane species was a close contender to the Indian Peafowl as the national bird of India.

Satyr Tragopan


The Crimson Horned Pheasant or Satyr Tragopan is Pheasants only found in foothills of great Himalayas of India and Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan. The bird of Pheasants family is facing subject to hunting and habitat loss of most of its ranges and only a very small population found in India.

The beautiful Satyr Tragopan is one of the five species of tragopans of India,male has blue horns and a gular wattle to display during the mating season to attract females.

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