25 Largest Birds Found in The World You Should Know

Birds are beautiful creatures, We came up with a list of largest living birds in the world. Ostrich is the largest living flightless birds native to Africa, followed by Emu,rhea and cassowary. Penguins are flightless birds, Emperor penguin is the tallest and heaviest living penguin species, endemic to Antarctica.

Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross species has the longest wingspan of any living bird. The large seabird found in the Southern Ocean and one of the two largest members of the Albatross, Great albatross being other.

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard is the largest and heaviest flying bird, found in Africa. This species of bustard found throughout southern Africa and most common in Botswana and Namibia.

Andean Condor


Andean Condor is the largest species of new world vulture family, Found in the Andes mountains. The large black vulture is a massive bird and primarily a scavenger and among the heaviest flying bird.

Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian Pelican is largest freshwater bird in the world and also the largest of the pelican species. The species is also one of the world’s heaviest flying bird.

Philippine Eagle


Philippine Eagle is the largest species of eagles in the world, Only found in the forests of Philippines. The critically endangered bird is also among the rarest and most powerful birds in the world followed by harpy eagle and Steller’s sea eagle.

Sarus Crane


Sarus Crane is tallest of the flying birds, found in many parts of the Indian Subcontinent. The sarus crane is non migratory bird and widely believed to pair for life.

Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan is the largest extant species of waterfowl and among the heaviest living birds in the world. This species of swan found in North America and migrate to Canada in winter.

Great Grey Owl


Great Grey Owl is distributed across the Northern Hemisphere and world’s largest species of owl by length. The great owl along with Eurasian eagle owl are two of the largest species of owl in the world.

Thick Billed Raven

Thick Billed Raven is the largest bird of corvid family and also most diverse bird species. The raven has a very large bill and found in mountains and high plateau of Somalia and Ethiopia.

Cinereous Vulture

Cinereous Vulture is the largest vulture species, distributed through Eurasia. The cinereous vulture or monk vulture is listed as two of largest Old World vultures in the world.

Greater Flamingo


Greater flamingos are the largest flamingos, found in Africa, Indian subcontinent and Europe. Flamingos are migratory birds and found in both freshwater and saltwater habitats.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is the largest macaw native to South America and the largest flying parrot species in the world. The hyacinth macaw is an endangered species and found in region of Brazil and Paraguay.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon is the biggest species of pigeon, found in the lowland and swamp forest of New Guinea. Its a ground dwelling pigeon and recognized by the unique white tips.

Great Potoo

Potoo is a nocturnal predator and largest member of the nightjars and allies. Great Potoo range from Mexico to most of Central America, found mostly in dense forest.

Toco Toucan


Toco Toucan is the largest known species of the toucan family, Found in South America. The toco toucan eats fruit and occurs in Bolivia, Paraguay and southern Brazil.

Greater Adjutant


Greater Adjutant is the largest member of the stork family, found mainly in India. The greater adjutant is among the largest of living storks and has a massive wedge shaped bill.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is the heaviest upland ground bird of the diverse Galliformes. Wild turkeys are large ground dwelling birds with powerful legs,native to North America.

Indian Peafowl


Indian Peafowl or peacock is the largest living gamebird native to South Asia. Peacock is a resident breeder of the Indian subcontinent and one of the most beautiful bird found in India.

Channel Billed Cuckoo

Channel Billed Cuckoo is the largest species of cuckoo, found in Australia and New Zealand. The species listed as least concern and permanent resident of the Bismarck Archipelago.

Great Black Backed Gull

Great Black Backed Gull breeds on the European and North American coast. The gull has white head and is the largest member of the gull family.

Southern Ground Hornbill

Southern Ground Hornbill is the largest species of hornbill, endemic to Sub-Saharan Africa. The species is a vulnerable species and among the longest lived of all birds in the world.

Harpy Eagle


Harpy Eagle is one of the largest extant species of eagles in the world. The powerful raptor is largest in the Americas and an apex predator for sloths and monkeys in lowland rainforests of Brazil and Argentina.

Great Bustard

The Great Indian Bustard

Great Bustard is one of the the heaviest living flying bird in the world, breeds in Europe and across Asia. Great Bustard is classified as vulnerable and lives in open grassland and farmland.

Great Hornbill


Great Indian Hornbill is large member of hornbill family,found in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The great hornbill found in the Western Ghats and Himalaya region of India.

Himalayan Vulture


Himalayan Griffon Vulture is closely related to the European griffon vulture and one of the two largest old world vultures and true raptors. The Himalayan vulture species is found along the Himalayas and one of the old vultures found in India.

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