Famous Barbecue and Roasted Chicken Dishes of India

India has many culture and every culture has it own traditional and famous chicken dishes. These variety of chicken dishes are served in all Indian restaurants. Every chicken dish has its unique recipe and mind blowing taste. Barbecue dish and seafood’s are most famous and quick dishes that used to server as a bar snack or quick snack. One of the famous and spicy chicken dish is Tadoori chicken. This is a simple and mild aromatic dish which is delicately flavored and could be spiced up with an extra couples a simple and mild aromatic dish, which is delicately flavored and could be spiced up with an extra couple of chili. I am listing some famous roasted chicken dishes of India.

1. Tandoori Chicken: Tandoori Chicken is highly popular Indian dish that originated in Punjab region.Tandoori chicken is a roasted chicken delicacy that made in a tandoor oven, a cylindrical clay oven used in India for cooking and baking. It is a traditional Indian dish that is easy to make with featuring grilled chicken marinated in lemon juice, yogurt and a variety of spices. It is a perfect match to eat with Chappathi or Naan served with dhal or pickle.2. Chicken Tikka: Chicken Tikka is a very popular and one of the delicious dish that served all across India. Tikka means bits of chicken that used to marinated with spices and yogurts and bake in oven. Spice level can be according to your wish. Chicken Tikka has already occupied a pride of place in menus in various parts of the world.3. Chicken Kabab: Chicken Kabab is one of the most famous dishes in Indian Cuisine that used as a Snacks With Chat Masala, Chutney or sauce, it looks so mouthwatering. Chicken Kabab is an easy and delicious dish, Since chicken meat is tender, it does not take long time to cook. This dish is basically for those who want to have health conscious foods.4. Chicken 65: Chicken 65 is a battered deep fried hot and spicy chicken snack dish from South India. I don’t know what is the correct origin of the name chicken 65?. It is mostly boneless and its flavors come from ginger, cayenne pepper, mustard powder and vinegar. It is favorite for all those love to have a spicy chicken in dry form.5. Chicken Lollipop: It is also a very popular snack item in India, served with sichuan sauce. Chicken wings are coated with spicy and tasty red batter and deep fried. Chicken lollipop is mixed chines Indian Cuisine.


  • My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • chompa says:

    I like the roasted chicken.

  • arun says:

    Hi you put quit a good effort in the research work and i really appreciate it. All the information on your website is really useful, but the TANDOORI CHICKEN is a dish not from punjab but from delhi it was invented in the moti mahal restaurant of chandni chowk of delhi. I think you should change this.

    Arun Rai

    • admin says:

      Hey Arun, Thanks for commenting and information, i will update it soon.

    • Diganta says:

      Hi Arun….Tandoori Chicken is not at all invented in Delhi or Motimahal…..invention of Tandoor and Tandoori food goes back back to 9300BCE……..parsian origin….Tandoor is a Dari word…. Dari is spoken by Afghan and other middle eastern community these days also………….. Motimahal is credited for invention of “Butter Ckicken”…

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