Delicious Seafood Cuisine of India

India is a land of exotic fishes and seafood’s. A huge variety of fishes and other seafood products are available in the coastal waters of India, Which makes India as one of the leading seafood exporters and traders in world. As compare to the popular chicken dishes, seafood’s are very famous for its taste and short cooking time. Recipe of Indian Seafood are very delicious and easy to Cooked with special Indian spices and herbs. Kerala and Goa are the most famous spot for seafood.

Fish is one of the most important ingredients of Goa and kerla cuisine. Every coastal state of India, include fishes in almost every cuisine.West Bengal fish curry is very popular and its taste with rice is delicious.Most popular Seafood in India are fish,crab and prawns. Crab Xacuti and Meen Curry are the the best Seafood of Goa and Kerala.


Indian fish dishes are gives a lovely tangy flavor. There are many way to cook a fish like fry and with curry. Every states has its own way to prepare and present it. The vast fish culture of Kerala and Goa contains a number of delectable fish recipes. Fish dishes found in Bengali cooking are unique and delicious in taste.


Prawn is a major dish in coastal areas of India. Tawa and Masala prawns are the most delicious dish and a hot favorite of prawn lovers. Indian prawn dishes are very tasty and might only take a few minutes to prepare. Prawns cooked with olive oil, chili and with some Indian spices. Kerala The Land of coconuts is belongs to some of the best seafood dishes in India.

Crab: Crab is one of the most favorite seafood dishes all across India. Crab tandoori, Crab curry and crab soups are famous dishes of crabs in India. Spicy Indian crab curry is cooked with spicy mix and coconut mixture on a low flame, This crab curry is perfect for cold weather and good for health.


Lobster is also a very popular marriage party snack in India. Lobster is very famous seafood and can be boiled, steamed, grilled or baked. Replace the crab or prawns with the king lobster, Masala lobster is a hot seafood recipe is perfect for a heavy lunch.

Squid: Squid is new item in Seafood Menu of India.Fried Squid and Squid Chili Fry are most likable dish. The difficult part of a squid dish is cleaning of the squid.


Oyster is famous and spicy, brimming with lots of savory and piquant smells and tastes. There are variety of recipes using oysters like Broiled oysters and Deep fried oysters are most famous dishes. Indian seafood dishes also include snails also known as Baigai, a little water snail,In villages of India snails are very popular as foods. They find snails in paddy fields,lake and rivers.


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