The 9 Fabulous Stuffed Vegetable Dishes of India

India is heaven for pure vegetarians food lovers too, Its multitudinous varieties of delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes are the great source of minerals. Apart from tasty fried vegetables and delicious vegetable curries, Its time to try fabulous stuffed vegetables dishes or Bharwan vegetables from India. There are list of awesome cuisines like stuffed green peppers, stuffed Ivy gourd, stuffed tomatoes,Stuffed bottle gourd and stuffed cabbage also don’t miss the best, Stuffed parathas, Stuffed mashroom and Samosas. Samosas is the most popular vegetarian Indian street food, stuffed with mixed vegetable.

Bharvan-BainganStuffed Eggplant: Stuffed brinjal or Bharwan Baingan made in different regions of India with a little variation. Brinjal is easy to make and one of the most easily available vegetable in India. There are so many varieties to made stuffed brinjal,one of them onion stuffed Brinjal, The delicious brinjal stuffed with ground spices and onion, served with rice. Stuffed brinjal also made with curry and masala, which is most famous dish from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Bharve baingan recipe from Punjab and Gujarat are very much different from the above with more spicy and masaledar. Brinjal is taste delicious in all forms fried, stuffed, mashed, curry or mix with other vegetables. The healthy and tasty stuffed eggplant dishes is simply the best vegetarian delicious food to have in India.


Stuffed Lady Finger: The delicious stuffed lady’s finger or Bharleli Bhindi is stuffed with ingredients like onion,chilli and garlic along with so many Indian spices. This spicy delicious dish is one of all time favorite vegetable in all over India. Mix the all vegetables, dry ingredients together and Indian spices then stuff this mixture of masala into the slit bhindis. Stuffed okra is a spicy delicious food and a favorite among Indians as well as almost all vegetarians. The easy to made and very tasty to eat stuffed bhindi serve with hot chapatis, It it also one of the best food to have during the traveling. Another variant of stuffed lady finger is pickle masala, stuffed pickle masala along with other spices.

Bharwan-KarelaStuffed Bitter Gourd: The Bharwan Karela or stuffed bitter gourd is one of the best and healthy dish. Bitter gourd has many minerals and vitamins also very good to control sugar and purify the blood. The only way to made stuffed bitter gourd is the traditional and authentic way, which is always mom’s recipe. Peeled off the upper layer of karelas, cut from one side then remove all the stuffs then put some salt on it and keep aside for 15 to 20 mins that will take out the sour taste of karela and then wash it with water couple of times. The stuffed Karela should be fried in mustard oil for traditional Indian taste. The delicious stuffed bitter gourd is a special occasions dish to cook and serve with rice or breads.


Stuffed Capsicum: Bharwan Simla Mirchi, Capsicum is the best source of vitamin A and C.Simla Mirchi is also known as ‘bell pepper’  due to its bell like shape and is available in many colors like green, red, orange and yellow. The Stuffed Capsicum are easy to prepare with full of stuffing of spices and mixture of other ingredients like mashed potatoes, peas, paneer and spices. Stuffed shimla mirch is serve with rice or chappati, can be served dry as well as with curry or tomato gravy. The mirch from shimla also used to create a wide variety of delicacies such as Shimla Mirch Daal, Shimla mirch ki burji and Besan Ki shimla mirch are few most popular dishes from the area.

Bharwan-AlooStuffed Potatoes: Bharwan Aloo, The all time favorite and easily available potatoes are mixed with any other vegetables for a better taste. Potatoes alone can are the best food to have either snacks, masala, curry or stuffed. Stuffed potatoes are filled with small amount of mixture of spices, After stuffed with spices, boiled potatoes are cooked in curry for taste and serve with hot chappati. The recipe and name vary from place to place like Kashmiri style stuffed dum aloo, Benarasi Bharwan Aloo, Amritsari Bharwan Aloo and Stuffed tandoori aloo etc. The delicious Bharwan Aloo and Tandoori aloo are also taken as snacks.

Stuffed Pointed Gourd: Stuffed Pointed Gourd or Bharwan Parwal is the traditional Bengali dish and a special occasions Indian cuisine. Parwal is a very popular Indian groud vegetable and difficult to find outside of Indian subcontinent mostly cultivated in northern and eastern parts of India. Pointed Gourd is stuffed with coconut,paneer and mixture or other Indian spices then deep fried and mixed in a spicy gravy will do the rest. Pointed Gourd stuffed known as potoler dorma in Bengal stuffed with fish and prawns a flavor of Bengal variation. Another flavor of Pointed Gourd is Parwal Ki Mithai, a delicious sweet stuffed with Khoa.

Bharwan-MirchStuffed Jalapenos: Stuffed Jalapeno or Bharwan Mirch is the specialty of royal state Rajasthan. The Big Green Chillies are stuffed with coconut and other ingredients like cheese, onions and bacon. The hot and spicy jalapenos can be made in few minutes and served with dal and rice for best flavored. The stuffed jalapenos pickle is also popular throughout the Northern India and one of the best to have, Another variant is Bharwa Mirchi Pakora from Rajasthan, a spicy delicious snacks item perfect with the cup of tea during the monsoon season. This is also available as street food in Rajasthan.


Stuffed Ridge Gourd: Turai is one of the very nutritious vegetables but not like by most of the people. Stuffed ridge gourd or Bharwan Turai is a variant and very tasty, spicy but slightly sweet and delicious vegetarian dish. Chana Daal with turai is common dish but stuffed turai is something new to try at home.  Fresh ridge gourds stuffed with spiced coconut filling and cooked in Slow cooker. Turai also known as Gutti Beerakaya and Gilki is best to serve with naan, paratha and rice for dinner. Masala Turai is an easy and tasty Andhra food recipe.

Bharwan-Tinda-DishStuffed Indian Apple Gourd: Round gourds or tindas, Bharwan Tinda is one of must food to try. Stuffing of Indian round gourds is a bit different as compare to others green vegetables, also the used ingredient with mix of spices. Bharwa tinde is a special stuffed vegetable recipe so the way of making and taste of stuffed tinde vary from Rajasthan to Punjab to other Indian states. Stuffed tinde with traditional Punjabi recipe is one of the awesome vegetarian cuisines to have with naan. These mouth watering, yummy and authentic Indian recipes are a best experience to taste while exploring the beautiful India and its corners. Stay tune for more…..


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