The 6 Awesome Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

India is famous for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian food item’s along with traditional way of cooking them. There are so many Indian recipe for vegetarian food’s,which are very very tasty and nutritious and serves as balanced diet and helps to maintain healthy body and controls the mind. These great vegetarian Indian cuisine’s are yummy,delicious and easy to cook. I am putting few vegetable along with dal and paneer through which a list of delicious Indian dishes are made.

Paneer: An Indian origin fresh common cheese, made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice or food acid. Paneer also called as Cheena, is the most wanted and favorite food item in vegetarian dishes. Paneer doesn’t have much taste of its own but it is used in many great dishes like delicious palak paneer and yummi mutter panneer. Other best curry paneer dishes are Paneer Butter Masala,Kadai paneer,Shahi paneer etc, in snacks item paneer served as Chili Paneer and Paneer tikka.Aloo: Potatoes, one of the major food item, used in almost everything, dishes to best Indian snacks. The famous and spicy Aloo Gobi made with Potatoes, cauliflower and a great blend of spices. The delicious dish is very simple to make and serve with naan, other item’s are Aloo Matar,Dum Aloo,Aloo methi,Bean Aloo and jeera aloo. The stuffed aloo tikki is a most popular and favorite snack dish in India, Specially love by girls.Kofta: One of the most popular vegetarian Indian dishes, made by any vegetables but mostly Lauki (Bottle Gourd) and Aloo. Kofta is the vegetarian alternative to meatballs, cooked in Mughlai style. The delicious malai kofta and Lauki ka Kofta are very popular vegetarian Indian food. Kofta are made for special occasions and usually served with naan.Palak: The spinach, a tasty vegetable dish, full of good nutrients, quick to make and good to eat. There are so many wonderful and delicious dishes using Palak,one of them is most popular and mouth watering palak paneer. A popular vegetarian dish, made by spinach and paneer cheese in a curry sauce. The all time favorite dishes of Palak are Palak Ki Subzi, Mushroom palak, Dal palak and Aloo palak.Dal: Dal or seeds is most common food, available everywhere in differnt forms in India. India’s most popular dal dishes are Dal tadka, Dal fry and awesome Dal Makhani. The world famous Dal Makhani is a very popular Indian dish, filled with rich proteins and fiber. The delicacy from Punjab is traditionally left cooking on burning coal overnight and Serve hot with Naan or Paratha or even with rice.
Bharva Vegetables: The stuffed vegetables dishes are fabulous, Indian’s like stuffed vegetables whether it is cabbage, Karela or Bhindi. Many of us does not like bitter gourd due to bitterness but stuffed bitter gourd looks awesome and taste very delicious n spicy. Grate the skin of karelas and stuffed with sauteed spicy onions,dal and then fried it. Other stuff vegetables are bharwa bhindi(Ladyfinger),Bharva baingan(Brinjal or Eggplant) and bharwa shimla mirch(Capsicum).


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