Comparison Between Pangolins and Porcupines of India

Pangolins and Porcupines are among the rare wild animals of India, found in many parts of open plains,hill side and grassland and forest. The pangolin is also called the Scaly Ant eater and Porcupines are large rodents with quills.



Indian Pangolin is a ant eater that feeds on ants and termites, found in hill areas and plains of India. The Indian pangolin has conservation status as endangered because of hunting and poaching for medicine and one of the most heavily trafficked animal in India.

Family: Manidae
Species: Manis crassicaudata
Behavior: Nocturnal
Diet: Carnivores
Body Armour: Scaly
Habitat: Plains


Indian-Crested- Porcupine

Indian Porcupine is a large species of rodent found throughout India and central Asia. The Indian crested porcupine is nocturnal and lives in wide range of habitats including grasslands, forests, plantations and gardens.

Family: Hystricidae
Species: Hystrix indica
Behavior: Nocturnal
Diet: Herbivorous
Body Armour: Quills
Habitat: Rocky Hills

– Honey Badger and Hog Badger

Honey badger

Honey Badger and Hog Badger both belongs to family Mustelidae but found in different habitats of Indian subcontinent. Hog Badger only found in north eastern forest of India and Honey Badger found in western ghats forest with very few natural predators.

Family: Mustelidae
Diet: Carnivores
Habitat: Western ghats and North East

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