Difference Between Chameleon and Garden Lizard

Garden Lizard, Geckos and chameleons are lizards but with many differences in appearance, size, color and habitat. Most common species of lizards found in India includes,House Lizard, Bengal Monitor Lizard,Fan Throated Lizards and Southern Flying Lizard,Indian Skink and Spiny Tailed Lizard.



The Chameleons are large species of lizard distinguished by their stereoscopic eyes and extrudable tongues found in dense green forest of India. Indian chameleon (Chamaeleo zeylanicus) is only species of chameleon found India and has a long tongue with capability of changing their colour.

Garden Lizard


Oriental Garden Lizards are agamid lizard found widely in Asian countries. These Changeable Lizards are territorial during breeding season and male can be easily distinguished by their red heads.

– Gecko


Geckos are small lizards known for their unique sounds and seen in various colours. Here is the list of gecko species found in India, Common house gecko,Indian golden gecko and Tokay gecko.

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