Comparison and Similarities Between Moth and Butterfly

Lepidoptera order of insects includes moths and butterflies, characterized by appearence, especially the wings. Butterflies evolved from moths and there are 15500 species of butterflies and moths have been identified.



Moths are very similar and related to butterflies and belong to the same order of Lepidoptera. Most species of moths are nocturnal and attracted to artificial lights, Attacus atlas is the largest moth in the world.

  • Indian Moon Moth
  • Hawk Moth



Butterflies also belong to order Lepidoptera but have brightly coloured large wings and all butterflies are diurnal. Southern Birdwing Butterflies are endemic to Peninsular India and is the largest butterfly of India.

  • Southern Birdwing
  • Monarch Butterfly



Caterpillar is the common name for the larvae of order Lepidoptera members that comprising butterflies and moths. Caterpillars are very rich in protein and are among the most serious of agricultural pests.

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