Difference Between Cobra Krait and Viper Snakes

Indian subcontinent is home to large number of highly venomous snakes, responsible for causing the most human snake bite cases in the country. The big four member of Indian snakes are Indian cobra,Common krait,Russell’s viper and Saw-scaled viper.



Cobra or Naja is a venomous elapid snake species,found in various subtropical regions around the world of Africa,India and Southeast Asia. Indian cobra is a member of big four snakes,responsible for most snakebites on humans in India.

Family: Elapidae
Genus: Naja
Fangs: Hollow and Fixed
Venom: Deadly Venomous
Description: Slender Bodied Snakes
Behavior: Can spit Venom
Longest Cobra: Forest Cobra
Species: Egyptian Cobra,Forest Cobra,Cape Cobra,Indian Cobra,Spitting Cobra and Philippine Cobra
King Cobra: The world’s longest venomous snake is not a true cobra or not a member of the Naja genus.



Krait are species of elapid snake found in the jungles of Indian Subcontinent and in Southeast Asia. Common Indian krait is known as India’s most venomous land snake and responsible for causing the highest snake bite in India.

Family: Elapidae
Genus: Bungarus
Behavior: Cannibalistic
Venom: Highly Venomous
Longest Snake: Banded krait
Member: Big Four Indian snakes
Species: Common krait,Banded krait,Andaman krait,black krait and sea krait
Habitat: Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia

Viper and Pit Viper


Vipers belongs to a family of venomous snakes called Viperidae, also known as viperids. Viperid snakes are found in the most of Indian subcontinent and responsible for causing the most human snake bite cases in the India.

Family: Viperidae
Fangs: Long Fangs
Venom: Most Poisonous
Hunting: Prey Relocalization
Behavior: Capable to control venom to inject
Subfamilies: Pit vipers,rattlesnakes,Adders,pitless vipers
Species: Bushmaster,Rattlesnake,Death adder,Copperhead,Gaboon viper and Cottonmouth
Indian Vipers: Russell’s viper,Bamboo Pit Viper,Malabar pit viper and Saw Scaled Viper

King Cobra: King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world,found in the forests of India Southeast Asia.

Python: Python is a family of nonvenomous snakes and one of the largest snakes in India.

Rat Snake: Rat Snakes are Colubridae nonvenomous snakes,primarily eat rats, squirrels and birds.

Coral Snake: There are 6 species of Coral Snakes found in India.

Pit Viper: Pit Vipers belong to a subfamily of venomous vipers, 20 Pit Vipers species are found in India.

Sea Snake: Sea Snakes are the most venomous species of snakes, found mainly in the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

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