Difference Between Reserved and Protected Forest of India

India is one of the ten most forest rich countries of the world and the protected areas of India are home to many species of the most fascinating wild creatures on the planet. Reserved forests and protected forests of India are natural habitat which has high degree of protection from hunting,poaching and are often upgraded to the status of wildlife sanctuaries.

Reserved Forest

Medows in Kanha

Reserved Forests are owned by Government of India and often upgraded to the status of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. National Parks are Wildlife sanctuaries are reserved forest areas in India and home to a large number of wild animals and birds. Biosphere reserves are large protected areas of natural habitat where the flora and fauna has full protection.

Protected Forest


Protected Forest of India are natural areas where the habitat and resident wild species have certain degree of protection. There are two types of protected forest in India,demarcated and undemarcated protected forest.

– Communal Forest


Communal Forest also called as village forest which is governed by local communities and used for Medicinal plantation,recreation and religious purposes. Maharashtra and North East Indian states have most of the forest communal forest land, where local people are managing forest for biodiversity.

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