Difference Between Dam Reservoir and Barrage

Dam and reservoirs are constructed across a river valley for water storage and to hold back the water flow. Major difference between a dam and barrage is that, Dam built for water storage the lake is called as reservoirs and barrage build to divert the river water.



A Dam is a massive structure that hold the water flow of the river through spillways. The dams are primarily used to save water and generate hydro power.

  • Tehri Dam
  • Bhakra Dam
  • Hirakud Dam



Reservoir is a man made lake created by Dam that holds the back water,primarily used for storage purpose. Indira Sagar reservoirs in Madhya Pradesh is the largest reservoirs in India.

  • Indira Sagar
  • Nagarjuna Sagar
  • Sardar Sarovar


Prakasam Barrage

Barrage is a type of small dam with large gates,build to divert the river water for irrigation systems. The barrage also carries road bridge,gas pipeline or a train link.

  • Farakka Barrage
  • Prakasham Barrage
  • Jobra Barrage

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