Difference Between Forest and Jungle in India

The main difference between forest and jungle is temperate, trees and movement of humans. Forests and jungles are different things, Forests can be found all over the world whereas jungle found at the margins of forests.


Green Forest India

Forest is a large land by area covered with many trees generally same species and different, found at different latitudes and elevations. The forests may have woody vegetation and supports different species of tree, birds and wild animals.

  • Molai Forest
  • Brahmaputra Forest



Jungle originated from the Sanskrit word and the land is mostly untouched and pristine. The Jungle is a type of forest though not all forests are jungles. Indian jungles offers shelter to a wild range of animals, birds and reptiles.

  • Sundarban
  • Dandakaranya

– Rainforest


Rainforests are forests receive high rainfalls during the monsoon and home to millions of species of wild plants, insects and animals. Tropical rainforests of India are found mostly in the north eastern corner of Assam,Andaman and the Western Ghats.

  • Andaman
  • Western Ghats

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