Difference Between Gorge Valley and Canyon

A gorge is a deep cleft that usually contain a river or water stream, major difference between gorge and canyon is that gorge is narrow passage and while canyon is a cleft between escarpments.



Gorge is a narrow valley between hills or mountains with steep rocky sides. Most of the Himalayan rivers passes through deep gorges and offers spectacular view cliff sides.

  • Marble Rocks Gorge
  • Papi Hills Gorge
  • Himalayan River Gorge


Valley - of - Flowers

A Valley is a land area between hills with a river running through the cross section of the slopes. The valleys are well known for its scenic landscape and are simply breathtaking.

  • Kashmir Valley
  • Spiti Valley
  • Nubra Valley
  • Valley of Flower



Canyon is a natural deep rift between two cliffs, where a large rivers run through canyons or between the mountains. Gandikota grand canyon and Chambal river canyon are two most famous and deepest canyon in India.

  • Gandikota Grand Canyon
  • Laitlum Canyon
  • Gangani Grand Canyon
  • Chambal River Canyon

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