Difference Between Highway and Expressway in India

India has second longest network of National highways,expressways and state highways system in the world. The national highways network of India provide roadways to connect various cities and important destinations. National Highway 7 and Agra Lucknow Expressway are the two longest road in India. Other terms used for expressway are motorway,speedway and Freeway.


National-Highway 8

National Highways are the grade roads that connect every major city of India and are the backbone of the road infrastructure. The National Highways of India with two,four and or more lanes are built by charcoal but there are few built with cement concrete.

List of National Highways: 397
Total Length: 100,087.00 km
Maximum Speed: 65 km/h
Longest National Highway: National Highway 7, 770 km
Highway Projects: Golden Quadrilateral and NSEW Corridor



Expressways are highways with six to eight lane controlled access road network and are the highest class of roads in India. The expressways are very high quality with modern features likes access ramps,Grade separation,lane dividers and elevated section.

List of Expressways: 50
Maximum Speed: 100 km/h
Total Expressways Length: 2,000 km
Longest Expressway: Agra Lucknow Expressway, 302 km
Vehicle Type: Only 4 Wheeler’s

– Freeway


Freeway are actually highest class of controlled access highway and designed for high speed vehicular traffic. The national highway system has only two freeway in India,Eastern Freeway and Western Freeway to reduce traffic congestion in the island city of Mumbai.

Eastern Freeway: 16.8 km
Western Freeway: 29 km
Maximum Speed: 80 km/h
Vehicle Type: Only Cars and Public Buses

  • Bandra Worli Sea Link is the part of Western Freeway also called as Coastal Freeway and also the longest bridge above water in India.
  • India’s First Double Decor Flyover in Mumbai is the part of the Santacruz-Chembur Link Road, which connect the Western Express Highway with the Eastern Express Highway.
  • Kanpur over bridge is the largest over bridges in India and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Uddanpul is India’s Second Longest road bridge.

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