Difference Between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries along with Biosphere reserves are created exclusively for protecting some of the rare and endangered species of both flora and fauna. The wildlife sanctuary and national parks are protected area and both supports wide variety of wild animals and birds, A Sanctuary can be upgraded to a National Park but not the vice versa.

Wildlife Sanctuary


Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural protected habitat for a particular species of animal and birds,especially the rare and endangered species such as Black Buck,Indian Wild Ass,Musk Deer,Indian Bustard and Gharial wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary supports very limited human activity and could by owned by a private organization that house wide variety of birds and animal species. Wildlife sanctuaries usually do not have properly marked boundaries and grazing of livestock can be permitted inside a Sanctuary.

Total Sanctuary: 531
Largest Sanctuary: Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
Private Wildlife Sanctuary: Sai Sanctuary in Karnataka
Famous Sanctuary: Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

National Park


National Parks are symbol of national pride and has greater degree of protection, Many national parks were initially wildlife sanctuaries then upgraded as a National Park. The national park is home to all variety of birds, animal species and no human habitation is permitted in main area. These protected area are established by central and state government for the conservation of wild animals and for the purpose of propagating or developing wildlife.

Total National Park: 103
Largest National Park: Hemis National Park
Famous National Park: Corbett National Park

-Biosphere Reserve


Biosphere Reserves are protected large areas of natural habitat, that includes a national park and animal wildlife sanctuary. There are 18 Biosphere Reserves in India, created to demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature.

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