Difference and Similarities Between Fox Jackal and Wolf

Fox Jackal and Wolf, all belonging to the family canid, found on all continents of the world except Antarctica. Difference and similarities between fox jackal and wolf is the size, habitat and behaviour. Fennec fox is the smallest fox and the gray wolf is the largest species of canid.



Fox is the smallest member of the family Canidae and found on every continent except Antarctica. Bengal fox found from the Himalayan to southern India is endemic to the Indian subcontinent.

  • Red Fox
  • Indian Fox
  • Arctic Fox



Jackal is a opportunistic omnivores Canidae and adapted for hunting birds,reptiles and small mammals in the wild. The golden jackal is the largest member from jackal, found in Middle East and South Asia.

  • Golden Jackal
  • Indian Jackal
  • Black Backed Jackal



The Gray wolf is the largest member of Canidae family and one of the most dangerous animal of their habitat. Wolves are extremely aggressive animal, lives in pack and pack upon reindeer, goats, sheep, horses, cattle and Bison.

  • Indian Wolf
  • Ethiopian Wolf
  • Himalayan Wolf

Coyote: Coyote is a canid but slightly smaller than wolf, distribution and abundance throughout North America.
Dhole: Indian wild dog primarily inhabit Central Indian Highlands of Western and Eastern Ghats.
Painted Dog: African hunting dog is the largest member of its family in Africa.
Maned Wolf: The largest canid of South America but not a fox nor a wolf.
Dingo: A wild dog and the largest terrestrial predator found in Australia.

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