Difference Between Mail Express and Superfast Trains

Indian Railways has different types of rail services with an average speed of 55km/h,Superfast Mail and Express trains are one of the most regular rail services of Indian Railways. These Superfast and Express trains connect major nearby cities as well as long distance stations.

Mail Trains

Kerala Sampark Kranti Express

Mail trains are kind of same as express trains and generally have less average speed and have more stoppages. Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express is the fastest Mail Express train in India. Express and Mail train number starts with 1xxxx or 2xxxx and average speed is below 50 km/h.

  • Punjab Mail
  • Howrah Chennai Mail
  • Lucknow Mail
  • Mumbai Mail

Express Trains


Express trains in India are semi priority passenger rail service, which are are able to obtain the highest speeds of 55 kilometres per hour in India. The speed of express trains are calulated from the latest Indian Railways time table.

  • Himgiri Express
  • Pushpak Express
  • Avantika Express

Superfast Trains


Superfast train generally have less stoppages and have a maximum speed of 110km/h Super fast category and are numbered with a prefix of 12xxx Super fast trains connect two major nearby cities Extra super fast speed charge Super fast trains maintain an average speed throughout their route

  • Patna Mumbai CST Suvidha Superfast Express
  • Chennai Mumbai Superfast Mail
  • Howrah Yesvantpur Superfast Express
  • Bihar Sampark Kranti Superfast Express

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