Difference Between Wild Water Buffalo and Indian Bison

Bovidae family includes these large sized ungulates called bison, water buffalo and yak. The biological subfamily of Bovinae are considered sacred by most Hindus and Gaur is the largest extant bovine in the world.

Wild Water Buffalo

Indian Wild Buffalo

Wild Water Buffalo also called as Indian water buffalo are one of the large bovine native to the Indian Subcontinent. They are larger and heavier than domestic buffalo and restricted mostly in Assam, around Kaziranga, Manas and Dibru Saikhowa National Parks.

Family: Bovidae
Listed As: Endangered
Horns: Up to 2 m (Largest of Living Bovid)
Bovine: Large Bovine
Habitat: Assam in India
Behaviour: Both Diurnal and Nocturnal
Population: Less Than 4000
Natural Predator: Only The Tiger

Indian Bison


Indian Bison or Gaur is the largest bovine native to Indian Subcontinent and South Asia. The gaur is the tallest species of wild cattle and strong and massively built species and among the largest living land animals in India.

Family: Bovidae
Listed As: Vulnerable
Bovine: Largest Bovine
Habitat: South Asia
Species: Heaviest Living Wild Bovid
Behaviour: Mostly Nocturnal
Population: Less Than 22,000
Natural Predator: Only The Tiger and Saltwater Crocodile

– Wild Yak


Wild Yak is one of the large species of wild bovid native to the great Himlayan region of India. The wild yaks are herd animals with very few natural predators such as Tibetan wolf,Brown bear and Snow leopard.

Family: Bovidae
Listed As: Vulnerable
Bovine: Second Largest Bovine
Habitat: Ladakh in India
Species: Largest Animal in Himlayas
Population: Less Than 3000
Natural Predator: Tibetan Wolf and Snow Leopard

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