Similarities and Difference Between Ape and Monkey

Ape and Monkeys are two kinds of animals but both belong to biological order Primate, while most monkey species has tail but apes, which lack tails. Chimpanzees,gorilla and orangutan are collectively known as the great apes, strepsirrhine primates of Madagascar are called as Lemurs and Brazil host all the new world monkeys.



Apes are the tailless and tallest species of anthropoid primates, native to Africa,India and Southeast Asia. They are highly social animals found in smaller social groups, hoolock gibbon is the only ape to be found in India, in evergreen forest of Assam.

  • Hoolock Gibbon



Monkeys are also primates with tails and highly arboreal animals, categorize as New World Monkeys and Old World monkeys. List of old world monkey species found in India are Nilgiri langur,Gray langur,Lion tailed macaque and Rhesus macaque.

  • Rhesus Macaque
  • Gray Langur
  • Niligiri Langur
  • Lion Tailed Macaque

– Primate


Primate is the biological order of all the species of Ape, Monkey, Tarsiers, lemur, Gelada, Baboon, Orangutan, loirs, tamarin, marmoset and gibbons. This group of animals are omnivorous mammals and lives in the tropical forests of Africa, Indian Subcontinent, South America and Southeast Asia.

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