Similarities and Difference Between Mountain and Hill

The surface of the earth is covered with different terrains,Plains and Plateau. Mountain ranges occur on every continent, Andes Mountains form the longest mountain range in the world.


Aravali Mountain Ranges

A mountain is a high elevated land that form a impressive height from the surrounding level. The mountain ranges can have different elevations and usually defined by summit at least 610 metres. Mountain range is a group or chain of mountains and are the highlands passes and valleys.

  • Himalaya Range
  • Vindhya Range
  • Satpura Range
  • Aravalli Range



Hills are extends landform with or without a summit of less then 610 meters height. A hill usually has natural elevation smaller than a mountain and also has section of flat terrains.

  • Nandi Hills
  • Anaimalai Hills
  • Palni Hills
  • Garo,Khasi and Jaintia Hills

– Peak


A mountain summit is called as peak, is the highest point of mountain and mountain ranges. Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak in India with an elevation of 8,586 meters.

  • Kangchenjunga
  • Nanda Devi
  • Kamet
  • Saltoro Kangri

Mountain Pass: Mountain pass is route through a mountain range.
Summit: Summit is the highest point of a mountain range.
Plain: Plain is a lowland flat area along the bottoms of valleys.
Plateau: Plateau is high plain or tableland with an elevation and perfectly flat.
Terrain: Terrain is vertical and horizontal dimension of the land surface.

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