Similarities and Difference Between Warthog and Wild Boar

Wild Boar and Warthogs are belong with same pig family and notable for their characteristics of both physically as well as ecologically. They both live in two different locations of the world and mostly found in the savannah grasslands, meadows forest,rainforest and African woodlands.

Wild Boar


The wild boar are wild pig species and one of the most widely spread mammals in the world. The species lives has short but massive trunk and bulky built, inhabits a diverse array of habitats including deserts,rainforest, marshes and meadows.

Family: Suidae
Boar is Nocturnal
Habitat:Africa,Eurasia and Indian Subcontinent
Boar is Larger and Heavier than Warthogs



Warthogs are genus of wild pigs found in open and semiopen habitats of sub Saharan Africa. These wild pigs are covered wtih bristly hairs and big tufts on their cheeks and main predators are lions, leopards, crocodiles, wild dogs, hyenas and Cheetahs.

Family: Suidae
Habitat: Sub Saharan Africa
Warthog is Diurnal
Warthog has Longer Tusks than boar

– Peccary


Peccaries are medium sized new World pigs native to the Americas, found in dry forest of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. Peccaries are omnivores social animals and differentiated by the shape of the canine tooth.

Family: Tayassuidae
New World Pigs
Habitat: Americas

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