Five Most Disgusting and Dirtiest Jobs in India

If you really think that you have a bad job or going through the bad days in job, then you must think about these people once, I guess that will change your way of thinking. India has a untouchable and lowest caste people who worked as cleaner,Sweeper and do the dirtiest jobs around the cities and towns. These Untouchable or low caste people are known as Bhangi,Dalits and Chamar’s, mostly live on streets and in slums of Indian cities.

Sewer Diver

Sewer Diver is one of the most disgusting and dirtiest jobs on the earth, Typical work involves diving and swims through human excrement, toxic waste, and rotting cadavers to keep the city clean.

Manual Scavenger

Manual Scavengers are known as Safai Karmachari who clean the human waste from public toilets and houses. Manual scavenging still survives in most of the parts of India without proper sewage systems.

Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors has to deal with our trash on the daily basis to clean our apartment, trash cans and other overflowing trashcan in the streets. Garbage Collector is one of the high paying ditry job on the earth.


Chiffonnier or Ragpicker are a job done by men, women and young children at garbage dumps of Indian cities. Rag Pickers are live on streets and slum around, most of the metro Indian cities has Ragpickers and street childrens such as Mumbai.


Street sweeper is one of the lowest and filthiest jobs in India, Caste of sweepers in most of India are the Bhangis, Leatherworkers and other low caste people. Sweeper starts their day by cleaning the wastage on streets, public places and gardens, this is how the day start think about yours and do the needful.


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