Traditional Arts and Crafts of India Are Dying Slowly

Many traditional arts and crafts of India are dying due to modernization and technological developments. These Handmade tales of India are on the verge of extinction and getting replaced machine made products.Dying Arts and Crafts of India includes Chamba rumal paintings,Madhubani Paintings,craft of Kendrapara,Handloom Weaving,rangoli designs and portraits.

Rogan Printing is a free hand cloth printing, practiced only in Kutch District of Gujarat and produced by boiling castor oil.Abdul Gafoorbhai Khatri is one of the most famous Rogan art printer from India.

Rogan Painting, Kutch


The Rogan art of painting is an ancient art and Nirona in Kutch is the only place in the world where this work is created. Rogan printing is an art of cloth printing practiced in the Kutch and Gafoor Daud Khatri is one of the most famous Rogan painter in India.

String Puppetry, Kendrapara


String Puppetry of Kendrapara also called as Sakhi Kandhei used to be a popular show in Odisha but the centuries-old art of string puppetry is slowly dying and Fakir Singh of Palakana village in Kendrapara district is one of the few craftsmen left in the State.

Dhokra Art, Chhattisgarh


Chhattisgarh state is well known for the Metal Craft and Dhokra art,some time known as tribal art of India. Dhokra is a metal casting art of religious images, horses and elephants, The tribe art is now found all over India.

Thanjavur Painting, Tamil Nadu

Tanjore paintings is the most popular art form of South India and popular forms of classical South Indian painting. Thanjavur paintings are panel paintings done on wooden planks.

Handloom Weaving, India


India has a heritage of handloom weaving but this handicrafts is getting replaced machine made products and dying a slow death because of lack of support. Handloom industry is one of the larget in India after agriculture in the country.

Paitkar Painting, Jharkhand

Paitkar Painting is one of the most popular paintings in the state and also the oldest tribal painting in India. Jharkhand old age tribal painting also occurs in the bordering areas of West Bengal and Orissa.

Bamboo Art, Assam


Cane and bamboo products of Assam are made by a large number of artisans all over the state. The unique arts and crafts of Cane and Bamboo have traditionally been used by people of Assam.

Wildlife Painting, Ranthambhore


Ranthambhore has become a living art museum of wildlife, Sawai Madhopur is best known for its Tiger tourism and Sawai Madhopur railway station has become the first heritage railway station in India with Wildlife art paintings.


Kalamkari is a free hand painting and block printing textile art, practiced in Andhra Pradesh as well as in many different regions of India. There are two distinctive styles of kalamkari art in India, Srikalahasti style and Machilipatnam style.

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