Deadly Landslides and Dangerous Flash Floods Across India

Heavy monsoon in India is bringing landslides and flash floods around the hill region such as Uttarakhand,Kerala and Maharashtra. Uttarakhand landslides, due to the floods, damaged several houses and structures, killing those who were trapped.

Pune Landslide 2014


A massive landslide that buried a remote village in western India at Malin village near Pune, 23 bodies have been recovered so far from under the debris. As many as 200 people are trapped in a deadly landslide that struck a village in western India following a bout of heavy monsoon.

Kedarnath Landslides 2013

kedarnath-Disastrous Floods

Heavy rains and cloudburst at many palaces in Uttarakhand in 2013, a multi-day cloudburst caused devastating floods and landslides in the country’s worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami. 5,748 casualties occurred in Uttarakhand due to the 2013 devastating flash floods and landslides.

Idukki Landslides 2013

13 people died today and several were reportedly missing in landslides triggered by heavy rains in Idukki and adjoining districts of Kerala. Heavy rains continue to lash many parts of the state and about 367.7 hectares of crop area have been affected by the rains.

Sikkim Landslide 2012

Very heavy rainfall affected Sikkim, triggering widespread landslides and flash floods and report that 21 people were killed in the Gangtok area alone. Sikkim was of course affected by a substantial earthquake in September 2011, which caused widespread damage and many landslides.

Guwahati Landslide 2012

Several houses were damaged in landslides in different parts of Guwahati following incessant rains. People in Guwahati’s landslide-prone areas told to move out, following the death of four people in landslides.

Ladakh Landslide 2010


A cloudburst and heavy overnight rains triggered flash floods, mudslides, and debris flows, occurred on 6 August 2010 across a large part of Leh Ladakh region. 255 people are reported dead and overall, 9000 people were directly affected by the event.

Nilgiris Landslide 2009

At least 43 people have been killed in landslides caused by torrential rains in the Nilgiris hills in Tamil Nadu. Nilgiris casualties are due to wall collapses and electrocution in the area and Coonoor remains cut off due to breaches on the roads.

Amboori Landslide 2001

One of the most devastating landslides occurred on 9 November, 2001 at Amboori in Thiruvananthapuram district. Amboori landslide was one of the worst natural disasters of Kerala, had taken a toll of 40 in the Western Ghats of Kerala.

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