10 Tourist Places to Visit in Sagar of MP

In Sagar you may have a list of things to do and the places you want to spend the best moments of your journey. Locations such as Lakha Banjara Lake and Dr Hari Singh Gour University will ensure that your dream destinations get ticked off. The city offers you the best areas to visit at the same time, and new foods to try.

Sagar is the kind of town you’ll love to visit over and over again. Each time you revisit Sagar, the different sides of it can start to unfold. This list will help you decide what to do on your Sagar getaway, and make it a priority. Find a combination of must-see tourist spots, overlooked local hangouts, and maybe even check out some new experiences.

Lakha Banjara Lake

This lake was founded by one of Lakha Banjara and is named after them. For those wishing to explore Sagar, Lakha Banjara Lake, the most prominent attraction is a serene water body transforming into an evening hustle-bustle spot. Lakha Banjara Lake’s calm and blue water is a wonderful place to enjoy tranquillity at and is a really fun place to chat in the evenings with locals.

Dr. Hari Singh Gour University

Beginning in ancient times as Saugor Campus, Sagar University came to be known in the year 1983 as Dr Hari Singh Gour University. It is named after the university’s founder, and is established for being Madhya Pradesh’s oldest academic institution in central state.


Rahatgarh is a humble village within Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar District. The trails in this village are breath taking in the midst of nature and are a great place to go on tour or spend a day visiting Sagar. Rahatgarh not only boasts a lot of small businesses and really humble people, but also has some great local food to bring you. Here the waterfalls are a highlight of this town and during the right season they are a must see.


Abchand forest reserve is situated about 20 miles from Sagar. It is your best chance to escape to untouched views of wilderness and experience nature in all its glory. The best part is that there are so many cave paintings here showing the ancient activities. There is a cave that is said to be about 40 feet long, and has beautiful carvings set on its stones.

The wilderness here, as you can see on the paintings, is an example of human relationship with animals. There is one painting showing two tigers fighting fiercely and there are many depicting the bison, buffalo and many more movements.


For lovers of history, Bhapel is a definite must visit. Although not a very prominent village in our history books, Bhapel has had some really interesting events going through. It is said to be a very important site during the famous 1857 rebellion, when a group of British detachment had a clash with the mutiny’s soldiers. It is also renowned for its annual fair held on Pournima Day. Bhapel has a different name-Phular because of the presence of the famous Mahadev Temple here.

Varun Smriti Park

Varun Smriti Park has a lovely story behind it. Built in memory of a young Varun who lost his life at the age of 10, this park is his family’s effort in keeping his interests alive for ever. Translating literally to; in Varun’s memory, this is a beautiful park with swimming pool and a full-fledged water park for families to enjoy.


The founder of Sagar had founded Bilhera in 1659 A.D. For you to enjoy the local Madhya Pradesh food, it’s a humble little village with local shops. It is very close to Sagar, and is a great place to witness Sagar’s local life. It is one of the villages assigned under the Dangi Rulers which once ruled Sagar for maintenance.


If you’re a regular train traveler to the north then you’re likely to have gone past Bina station. Bina is a modest quaint little town linked by a branch line via Sagar, one of the key stations in the central state of Madhya Pradesh linking most important train routes. It takes its name from the popular river Bina.


Gadpahra is more frequently called Old Sagar. During the Dangi rulers reign it was a very prominent town. Because of the low range hills, which have a white washed temple on them, it is a must visit. Such ruins are of the fort which the rulers of Dangi used in their time. There is a small lake here also known as Motilal.

Bhagyoday Tirth

Established in 1993 under the leadership of Param Pujya Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagar Maharaj, Bhagyoday Charitable Trust has carved its niche for the humanitarian work it has done in Sagar Town. Today, not only do they run a hospital for the city’s citizens, they also have a famous Medical Research Center that puts Sagar on India’s medical fame map.

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