15 Tourist Temples Around Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

The temple city of Bhubaneswar, replaced Cuttack as the capital city but Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are still called as twin cities of Odisha. Bhubaneswar was modern India’s one of the first planned cities along with Jamshedpur and Chandigarh.

The modern city of Bhubaneswar is one of the India’s fastest-developing cities and an emerging information technology center. Must See Places Around Bhubaneswar and Cuttack include Dhauligiri Stupa, Nandankanan Zoo,Chilika Lake,Barabati Fort, Paradip Port, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves.

Lingaraja Temple


Lingaraja Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneswar city and major tourist attractions of the state. The temple is built in the Deula style and most prominent landmark of the Bhubaneswar.

Mukteshwar Temple


Mukteshvara Temple of Bhubaneswar city is dedicated to Lord Shiva and prominent tourist attractions of the city. The temples along with the Rajarani Temple and Lingaraj temple are know for Deula style of architecture.

Rajarani Temple


Rajarani Temple in Bhubaneswar also known as a love temple, built in the pancharatha style and famous for various sculptures in the walls. The temple is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Brahmeswara Temple


Brahmeswara Temple of Lord Shiva is classified as a panchatanaya temple and finest example of Orissan temple architecture. The temple is built with traditional stone carving.

Parashurameshvara Temple

Parashurameshvara Temple is one of the best preserved specimen of Orissan temple architecture, built in Nagara style. The temple is one of the oldest existing temples in the state.

Astasambhu Siva Temples

Astasambhu Siva Temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and maintained by the Ratnakara Gargabatu and family. The collection of eight Astasambhu temples are famous Lord Shiva temples in Bhubaneswar.

Ram Mandir


Ram Mandir of Bhubaneswar is located in the heart of the city and a must visit Lord Rama temple in India. The temple also housing beautiful images of Lord Rama, idols of Lord Hanuman, Lakshman and Goddess Sita.

Ananta Vasudeva Temple

Ananta Vasudeva Temple of Bhubaneswar is dedicated to Lord Krishna and one of the important Vaishnava temple in Odisha. The temple also house murties of Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra.

Puri Jagannath Temple


Jagannath Temple of Puri is the most important Hindu temple in eastern coast of India and part of four great Char Dham pilgrimage sites. The temple is famous for annual Rath Yatra and the unfinished Jagannath idol made of wood.

Gundicha Temple

Gundicha Temple is Known as the Garden House of Jagannat and the destination for annual Rath Yatra of Puri. The temple house images of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and sister Subhadra.

Konark Sun Temple


Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and listed as Seven Wonders of India. The temple in gigantic chariot shape also known for its erotic sculptures of maithunas.

Ramachandi Temple

Ramachandi Temple is located on the banks of the Kusabhadra river near Konark. The temple of Goddess Ramachandi is very popular among the locals.

Cuttack Chandi Temple


Cuttack Chandi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Chandi, located nearby the banks of the Mahanadi river. The temple is prominent place for the annual Durga Puja and Kali Puja festivals.

Dhabaleswar Temple

Dhabaleswar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated in the exotic island of Dhabaleswar on river Mahanadi. The Lord Dhabaleshwar temple is situated 27 km from Cuttack.

Anantashayana Vishnu, Dhenkanal

Anantashayana Vishnu or sleeping on the serpent Shesha is the largest rock cut structure of Lord Vishnu, located on the left bank of the Brahmani river in Dhenkanal district of Orissa. The Lord Vishnu image in the horizontal position is a protected monument maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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