7 Important Breeds of Buffalo Found in India

There are several different breeds of buffalo found in India, Here we are listing the most important milk producing breeds form different Indian states.


The Murrah buffalo is one of the most popular buffalo breeds in India and is known for its high milk production. It is primarily found in the northern parts of India, especially in Haryana and Punjab. Murrah buffaloes are known for their distinctive black color and have a good milk yield, making them a valuable dairy breed.


Surti buffaloes are primarily found in the Gujarat region of India. They are known for their adaptability to hot and humid climates and have a moderate milk yield. Surti buffaloes are often used for milk production and in agriculture.


Mehsana breed is said to be a cross-breeding between Surti and Murrah, Know for large size and their high milk production and found in Mehsana, Sabar, Kanda and Banaskanta districts of Gujarat state.


The Nili-Ravi buffalo breed is a crossbreed between the Nili and Ravi buffalo breeds. They are found in the Punjab region of India and are known for their high milk production. Nili-Ravi buffaloes have a distinctive black color and are favored for their milk quality.


Jaffarabadi buffaloes are found in the Kutch region of Gujarat. They are known for their large size and distinctive body structure. These buffaloes are primarily used for milk production and draft purposes.


Bhadawari buffaloes are primarily found in the Agra and Etawah districts of Uttar Pradesh. They are known for their moderate milk yield and are often used for both milk production and agricultural work.


This breed found mostly in Nagpur, Akola and Amravati districts of Maharashtra, A breed of water buffalo from Maharashtra and known for milk and drought qualities.

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