Top 10 Types of GI Tagged Citrus Fruits of India

All citrus fruits belongs to same genus, great source of Vitamin C and used to treat common cold. Some of the most popular Citrus fruits of India are Mosambi, green lemon, Blood Orange, Galgal, Chakotra and sweet lime.

Sri Ganganagar Kinnow, Rajasthan


Kinnow is a very famous citrus fruit from the city Sriganganagar in Rajasthan, This fruit is known as the king of citrus fruits and very popular variety of mandarin orange that is widely cultivated in India.

Punjab being the largest producer of kinnow in India, Sirsa in Haryana offer a diverse Kinnow varieties. The major kinnow producing states are Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Nagpur Orange, Maharashtra


Nagpur oranges are sweet with and juicy pulp, grows twice a year in Nagpur city of Maharashtra. The product has the Geographical Indication GI Tag and loaded with citrus limonoids and rich in Vitamin C.

Jalna Sweet Orange, Maharashtra


Jalna Sweet Orange is a medium-sized smooth skin yellow orange, An traditional variety of sweet orange from Jalna district. The product has Geographical Indications Tag for this sweet limes product with Beed custard apples from Purandar figs.

Coorg Orange, Karnataka


Coorg orange or Coorg mandarin are small orange from Kodagu in Karnataka and also the Geographical Indication status. These are hybrids of mandarins are used to be the secondary crop in coffee plantations of Karnataka.

Wakro Orange, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Wakro orange is one the newest member of registered Geographical Indication Tag Citrus Fruits of India. The famed juicy Wakro oranges are round in shape and filled with a sweet-sour taste like other variety of oranges.

Khasi Mandarin, Meghalaya

The Khasi mandarin is the most sweet and juicy Mandarin Orange from Meghalaya and this unique fruit cultivated in the North East state of Meghalaya and known as Soh Sohniamtra in Khasi.

Memang Narang, Meghalaya

Memang Narang is a small sour fruit also known as wild orange from Meghalaya from the Northeast of India. The land of Meghalaya well known for unique fruits, forest, vegetables and medicinal plants.

Tamenglong Orange, Manipur


Tamenglong mandarin orange have finally been awarded the GI Tag. Geographical Tag along with nine-inch Sirarakhong chilli. This GI Tagged agricultural products of Manipur is a bigger in size mandarin orange with unique sweet and sour flavour.

Kachai Lemon, Manipur

Kachai Lemon from Manipur is consumed as a fresh fruit and mostly used for making lemon juice and pickles with chillies. Manipur Kachai Lemon are exotic horticultural fruit and considered to be unique for its taste and contains.

Assam Lemon, Assam


Assam lemon or nemu tenga are found and cultivated only in the state of Assam and also has been declared as the State Fruit of Assam. Kaji Nemu is the famous variety of this lemon and is a GI-certified product.

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