Top 15 Must See Tourist Place in The City of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is one of the most important city of Madhya Pradesh and also known as the cultural capital of state. The city is famous for major tourist attractions such as Dhuandhar Falls,Bhedaghat and Chausat Yogini Temple along with the festival of Navratri and Dusshera.

Gakkad-Bharta and Khoye ki Jalebi are two most famous food from the heart of Incredible India. My one day visit to the city has gather the below list of attractions, let me know your experience from the city of Jabalpur. हिन्दी मे जानिए- जबलपुर के मुख्य पर्यटन स्थल.

Dhuandhar Falls


The Dhuandhar Falls is the most beautiful waterfall of Madhya Pradesh, located on Narmada River in Bhedaghat. The plunges in  waterfall creates a bouncing mass of mist due to smoke so called as Dhuandhar and very powerful roar which can be heard from a far distance.

Marble Rocks


Jabalpur is known for its picturesque white marble rock formations at Bhedaghat on the banks of the river Narmada. The picturesque marble rock formations is one its kind in the world and supplied to all over India, use for stone crafts and idols.


Bhedaghat is a town famous for its bathing ghat of sacred river Narmada,Its another major attraction is Bandar Kodini and travels in between the marble rocks in a boat. In a moonlit night the marble rock mountains alongside of the river Narmada is the most beautiful site which should not be missed for anything. Image Source: Wiki.

Lord Shiva Statue

The Lord Shiva statue at Kachnar City in Jabalpur is 76 feet tall and one of the tallest statues of lord Shiva in sitting posture in India. Kachnar city Lord Shiva statue is situated under open sky and offers beautiful view of The Destroyer, also one of the tallest statues in India.

Chausat Yogini Temple

The Chausat Yogini Temple of Jabalpur is one of two famous Chausat Yogini Temple in Madhya Pradesh, Chausath Yogini Temple Khajuraho being other. 64 Yogini temple is one of the four major extant temples made of coarse granite and Lord Shiva temple is situated in the middle of complex.

Madan Mahal Fort


The area of Madan Mahal is famous for the historical Durgavati fort Situated atop a hill in Jabalpur Madan Mahal Fort is a popular ancient fort of Jabalpur city and ranked as one of the top 10 among attractions in Jabalpur city.

Balancing Rocks

balancking-rock -jabalpur

Balancing rock of Jabalpur is an independent rock balancing over another rock, It is one of the two big balancing rocks in India, balancing rock mahabalipuram being other.


Gurdwara-Gwari Ghat -Saheb

The most beautiful ghat of sacred Narmada river and famous for its temples such as Shri Ramlala Mandir, Ganesh Mandir,Gurdwara and Jain temple.

Gwarighat has a Maa Narmada temple near to the bank but half of the temple always drown in water and Narmada temple aarti is should not be missed in the evening.

Dhuandhar Ropeway


Rope way at Dhuandhar Falls is one of the must try thing at Dhuandhar Falls, It offer breathtaking view of  Dhuandhar Waterfall and holy river Narmada passing through deep ravine.

Sangram Sagar Lake

The beautiful Sangram Sagar Lake is located 15km from the city of Jabalpur and has a good number of aquatic creatures and fishes. Sangram Sagar Lake is one of the famous spot for bird watching and ranked among top 15 attractions of Jabalpur.

Hanumantal Jain Mandir


Hanumantal Bada Jain Mandir is one of the most famous and historic Jain temple, situated right on the edge of Hanumantal. The Hanumantal Jain Mandir is the largest independent Jain temple in India and main Jain temple in Jabalpur Pisanhari Ki Madiya is a another most famous Jain pilgrimage located near the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College in Jabalpur.

Rani Durgavati Museum


Rani Durgawati Museum is dedicated to the memory of the Queen Durgavati and has the fine collection of Sculptures and Inscriptions. It is One of the best museums in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Dumna Nature Reserve Park


The Dumna Nature Reserve Park includes a small dam, forests and wild animals such as chital, wild boar, porcupine and many species of birds. It is situated 10km from the city of Jabalpur and famous as picnic spot with so many activities to do like fishing platform, toy train and boating.

Gurdwara Gwari Ghat Saheb

Gurdwara-Gwari Ghat -Saheb

The Gurdwara Gwari Ghat Saheb is situated in the bank of holy river Narmada and that ghat is known as Gwari Ghat, Gurdwara is surrounded with a very picturesque locations. Complex of Gurdwara Gwarighat includes Guru ka Langar, pilgrims rooms,small museum and Homoeopathic dispensary.

Bargi Dam


Last but not least Bargi Dam of Jabalpur is one of the first completed dam among the 30 major dams on Narmada River Valley project. Bargi Dam main attractions are water sports such as Speed Boating, Water Scooters, Paddle Boating and birds watching around.

– Adding Few More Must Visit Places Near Jabalpur

Mahakali Statue


108 ft tall statue of Mahakali is situated at bargi dam road, 33 km from the city of Jabalpur. The idol of Mahakali is the tallest statue in Madhya Pradesh and the places is now called as Rajeshwari Dakshineswar Kali Peetha. Image source and credit – naidunia.jagran

Pisanhari Ki Madiya


Pisanhari Ki Madiya is one of the most popular Jain pilgrimage in Jabalpur city, located at hill near Medical College. Pisanhari Madiya Mandir is a popular attraction in Jabalpur and offers magnificent view of the city.

Jyoteshwar Temple

Jyoteshwar Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated around 50km from the city. This place is famous for cat fishes in sarovar near the temple.

Bhaisa Ghat

Bhaisa Ghat is a natural spot and one of the least known places near the city of Jabalpur. This place is blessed with excellent natural beauty and an unexplored place in Jabalpur.

Katangi Waterfall


Katangi village is situated about 30 kms from Jabalpur city and the natural fall is one of the most beautiful waterfall near Jabalpur. Katangi waterfall is not the most popular but a must visit place near Jabalpur.

Kanha National Park


Kanha National Park is the finest tiger reserve in India and the largest park in Madhya Pradesh, located in the Mandla and Balaghat district. Tiger reserve is home to a large number of Bengal Tigers and over 100 species of wild animals and birds such as gaur,dhole, wild boar and barasingha.

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