Top 5 Avocado Producing States in India

Avocado, also known as butterfruit in some regions of India, is primarily grown in the southern and western parts of the country where the climate is suitable for its cultivation. Some of the states known for avocado production in India are:


Kerala, with its moderate climate and high humidity, is one of the leading avocado-producing states in India. The regions of Wayanad, Idukki, and Kozhikode are particularly known for avocado cultivation.

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, avocado farming can be found in the Nilgiris and Kodaikanal regions, which have cooler temperatures and suitable conditions for avocado trees.


The Coorg and Chikkamagalur districts of Karnataka also cultivate avocados, benefiting from their hill station-like climate.


Some parts of the state, such as the Konkan region and the Western Ghats, are involved in avocado production. The Avocado farming is also gaining popularity in parts of Goa.

Himachal Pradesh

In the northern part of India, Himachal Pradesh has started to experiment with avocado cultivation in certain regions with cooler temperatures.

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