Top 5 Betel Nut-Supari Producing States in India

India is the largest Areca nut producer in the world and Production of Areca nut in India is leading by the coastal region and coastal states of India. It is a palm tree species popularly known as betel nut also called Supari in Hindi language and common usage in the country with betel leaves. Here is the top 5 largest producer of betel nut in India.


Karnataka is the leading producer of Areca nut in India with 4,57,560 tonnes from an area of 218,010 hectares (538,700 acres), grown in areas from the coastal line of Karnataka to elevation land.


Kerala is second largest producer of betel nut in India, Good rainfall conditions are essential for the growth of Areca nut and the temperature varies from a minimum of 4 °C to a maximum of 40 °C.


Mojha Tamul in Assam is one of the best variety of betel nut, Arecanut is even grounded in the soil for fermentation purpose to enhance the taste.


In the states of Meghalaya, This commercial and economic importance crop is grown in a very small area, where it is also consumed by large number of tribes.

West Bengal

The betel nut tree grows as a single stem at a height of about 30 metres and can be harvested five to six times in a year. Mizoram,Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Maharashtra are also known for the production of 22 tonnes from an area of 25 hectares. Figures may changes as per recent data on govt. portal.

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