Top 5 Chiku -Sapota Production States in India

Chiku also known as Sapota in India, Is one of the most popular fruit that grow in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh majorly. Sapota fruit is loaded with Many health benefits and here are the list of top 5 Chiku Producing states of India.

Gujarat: Gujarat is the largest sapota-producing state in India. The state’s diverse agro-climatic conditions support the cultivation of a variety of fruits, including sapota.

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh is also a major contributor to the sapota production in India. The state’s tropical climate is suitable for the cultivation of this fruit.

Maharashtra: Maharashtra is one of the leading states in sapota production in India. The favorable climate and soil conditions in parts of Maharashtra are conducive to the cultivation of sapota.

Karnataka: Karnataka is known for its agricultural diversity, and sapota is one of the fruits cultivated in the state. Regions like Belgaum, Bijapur, and Bagalkot are known for sapota cultivation.

Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu is another state where sapota cultivation is prevalent. The fruit is grown in various districts of the state, benefiting from the favorable agro-climatic conditions.

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