Top 5 Cocoa Producing States In India

Cocoa, which is the primary ingredient in chocolate production, is not a major crop in India but getting very popular in South India. Cocoa production in India is relatively limited compared to other countries. However, India does have some cultivation of cocoa, primarily in the southern states. Here are five states in India where cocoa is grown to some extent.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of cocoa in India, especially in the Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts. With Kerala, it contributes 75 per cent of the total.


Kerala, in the southwestern part of India, is one of the leading states in terms of cocoa production. Regions like Wayanad and Palakkad are known for their cocoa cultivation.


Karnataka, particularly in the Coorg (Kodagu) region, also has some cocoa cultivation. Cocoa is an important plantation crop grown for chocolates.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, in the southern part of India, has a small but growing cocoa cultivation industry. Now Cocoa is grown at Coimbatore, Dindugal, Theni and Tirunelveli districts.


Cocoa bean production is and important commercial plantation in Maharashtra and Goa in India, Cocoa growing regions in the north-eastern belt and Maharashtra.

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