Top 5 Papaya Producing States In India

Papaya is a popular fruit in India, and several states in the country are known for their papaya production. The top five papaya-producing states in India.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading papaya-producing states in India. The state’s favorable climate and agricultural practices make it a significant contributor to the country’s papaya production.


Karnataka is another major papaya-producing state in India. The state’s diverse agro-climatic zones allow for papaya cultivation in various regions.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is known for its papaya production, particularly in the southern and central parts of the state. The state also listed as the leading producer of banana in India.

West Bengal

West Bengal, in eastern India, also plays a significant role in papaya cultivation. The state’s climate and agricultural practices make it suitable for papaya farming.


Maharashtra, located in western India, is also among the top papaya-producing states. The state’s various agro-climatic zones support papaya cultivation.

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