Top 5 Producing States of Black Pepper In India

India is one of the leading producer of black pepper, Along with other spices- Black pepper is not only known a spice but has many medicinal benefits. Here is a list of top black pepper producing states in India.



Karnataka is the largest producer of pepper. The Coorg and Malnad regions in Karnataka are known for their pepper cultivation.


Kerala is the second largest producer of pepper in India. It is known for its high-quality black pepper, and the state’s climate and geography are well-suited for pepper cultivation.



Assam is the another leading producer of pepper in India, Regions like Mikir Hills in Assam are home to a wild variety of pepper, Red pepper, black pepper and Ghost pepper.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is also a significant producer of pepper, and the Gudalur and Coimbatore regions are important pepper-growing areas in the state.



Black pepper from Meghalaya is very well known for its high quality & strong aroma, Today emerging as a notable producer of Long pepper in North East India, with increasing cultivation in various hill regions of the state.

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