Top 6 Leading Jackfruit Producing States of India

Jackfruit is one of the largest fruit grown in India, Major producer of states are Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Bihar.



Kerala is the largest jackfruit growers in the country, Also the fruit is state fruit of Kerala. The state has great tradition of jackfruit consumption with different dishes.


Odisha was the second largest producer of jackfruit next to Tripura, Jackfruit trees were found grown in almost all districts of Odisha.


Jackfruit is another major fruit grown in Tripura along with mango, pineapple, banana and orange. Tripura is considered to be the leading jackfruit producing state.


Assam is another leading producer of jackfruit in the country, while the wild tree grown in abundance across all districts and even in jungle.

Tamil Nadu

Jackfruit is an important raw material for vegan products and also a substitute for meat. With a great production, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Jharkhand are India’s top producing and exporting states for jackfruit.


Karnataka is well known for its rare variety of jackfruit called Siddu jackfruit and farmer getting exclusive rights over the fruit.

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