Top Five Best Millets of India – Shree Anna

Millets have been domesticated in India 3000 years ago, Also found in Indian archaeological sites. The main millets relative of grass family are proso millet, foxtail millet, pearl millet, maize and sorghum millet.

Bajara – Pearl Millet

Pearl millet or Bajara is the most widely grown type of millets, grown in the India since very old times. The crop is known as ‘Bajra’ in Hindi and a very important crop in India and parts of Africa as well.

Raagi – Finger Millet

Finger Millet known as Raggi in Hindi and have been found in an Indian archaeological site also grown in parts of southern Africa and Nepal. Raagi millet is found to be grown in the Himalaya region and compare to pearl millet and sorghum millet, the finger millet prefers moderate rainfall.

Sama – Barnyard Millet

Indian barnyard millet also called Japanese millet or Sama millets in Hindi, A great source of iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Barnyard Millet is like rice called as Sama ke chawal and used in upwas also grown for animal food like other most of the positive millets.

Kodo – Kodo Millet

Kodo millets are very much simillar to Ragi that has been grown as a minor crop in most of these areas. The kodo millet, also known as cow grass and Indian Crown Grass estimated to have been domesticated in India 3000 years ago.

Chena – Proso Millet

Pani Varagu or proso millet is very rich in iron, zinc, fibre, vitamin B6, polyphenols and calcium. Proso Millet or Chena bajara major cultivated area include Northern India, Himachal Pradesh of India.

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