21 Places and Tourist Attractions in The Palace City of Mysore

The culturally important city of Mysore is filled with palaces and museums, known for Mysore Palace,Dasara festival, Butterfly park and silk saree. Mysore is the cleanest city of India and one of the seven palaces of the royal city of Mysore are now one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. Tourist attractions in Mysore includes Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens,Shivanasamudra Falls,Philomena’s Church and Chamundeshwari hill Temple.

Chamundeshwari Temple


The Chamundeshwari Temple is situated on the top of hills called Chamundi hills,13 km from the city of Mysore. The Temple is considered as a Shakti Peetha and part of one of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas in India.

Ranganathaswamy Temple


Ranganathaswamy Temple of Srirangapatna is dedicated to the Hindu god Ranganatha and one of the 5 most important pilgrimage sites along the Kaveri river in Karnataka. The Temple is located on an island created by the river Kaveri and has one of the tallest tower or the gopuram.

Mysore Palace

The Palace of Mysore is located in the heart of the city and one of the most visited monuments in India. The magnificent historical palace is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in India.

Lalitha Mahal


The Lalitha Mahal is the second largest palace in Mysore and now one of the India’s most opulent hotels palace. Lalitha Mahal is located near the Chamundi Hills and one of the imposing structures of the Mysore city.

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion is located inside the University of Mysore and one of the major attractions in Mysore. The Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion houses a museum of priceless collections of artifacts.

Jaganmohan Palace


Jaganmohan Palace is another beautiful palace in princely city of Mysore,now converted into an art gallery and a function hall. The palace is one of the seven palaces of the royal city of Mysore.

St. Philomena’s Church


St. Philomena’s church is a Catholic church and one of the oldest churches in India. The famous Church of Mysore is considered to be the second largest church in Asia.



Talakad is a desert-like town located about 45 km south-east of the city of Mysore on the left bank of the Kaveri. The extant goup of temples is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus and a very historic place to visit near the culturally important city of Mysore.



Melukote also known as Thirunarayanapuram is one of the sacred places in Karnataka and famous for Yoga-Narasimha Swamy Temple, built on rocky hills of Yoganarasimha. The place is about 51 km from Mysore and the location of the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple.



Bylakuppe is a small town and home to the Namdroling Monastery,located to the west of the Mysore. Main attractions of Bylakuppe town is Namdroling Monastery or Golden Temple and Ingalakere, the largest lake in Mysore district.



Nanjangud town lies on the banks of the river Kapila and famous for Srikanteshwara Temple. The city is also called as Dakshina Kashi and famous for a variety of banana and oldest bridge in India across the Kabini river.

Shivanasamudra Falls


The Shivanasamudra falls is situated at a distance of 85 kms from Mysore on the banks of the river Kaveri. This segmented waterfall has total height of 98 metres and the area has one of the first Hydro-electric Power stations in Asia.

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam


The Krishna Raja Sagara dam and reservoir is the name of both a lake and the dam across Kaveri River in Mysore. KRS Dam is one of the major tourist attractions in Mysore and one of the 10 major dam in India.

Brindavan Gardens


The Brindavana Gardens lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam and the most beautiful spot in the part of South India. Brindavan Garden attracts 2 million tourists per year and one of the major attractions of Srirangapatna.

Railway Museum


Railway Museum Mysore is the second such museum after the National Railway Museum in Delhi,established by Indian Railways. Mysore Museum has locomotives and a gallery of photographs and paintings of railways in India.

Chamundi Hills Nandi

Nandi Bull

The giant image of Nandi Bull is located at the top of Chamundi hills in Mysore and the monolithic statue of Nandi is a major tourist attraction of the city and one of the tallest statue of Nandi in India.

Karyasiddhi Hanuman


Karyasiddhi Hanuman at Mysore Ashrama is one of the tallest statue of Hanuman in the city of Mysore. The 41-ft. monolithic statue of Karyasiddhi Hanuman is one of the most famous Hanuman statue in India.

Karanji Lake


Karanji Lake is located in the city of Mysore,surrounded by a nature butterfly park,a museum and the biggest walk-through aviary in India. The butterfly park has been created on a small island within the Karanji lake and the lake is one of the favourite spots of migratory water birds like ibis, grey pelican, painted stork, cormorant and egret.

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo or Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens located near the Mysore palace and one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India. The Zoo is home to a wide range of species and one of the most popular attractions in Mysore.

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary


Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is one of the 5 best bird sanctuaries in Karnataka and also the largest bird sanctuary in the state. The sanctuary attracts roughly 170 species of birds, which makes it one of the important bird sanctuary of India.

Bandipur National Park


The Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve is one of the top 10 most famous national park of Karnataka and also known as one of South India’s most famous wildernesses areas. Bandipur National Park is largest habitate of wild elephants in south Asia.

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