10 Famous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka

Karnataka state has 5 National parks and 21 wildlife sanctuaries, few of well known among them are Bandipur National Park,Bannerghatta National Park and Nagarhole National Park. The state also has Peacock Sanctuary,Biological Park, Blackbuck Sanctuary,5 best bird sanctuaries ,Tiger Reserve and some of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are part of the niligiri biosphere reserve.

Nagarhole National Park, Mysore

Nagarhole National Park is blessed with dense forest,rich wildlife,scenic lake and attractive jungle,located in Kodagu and Mysore district. The park has healthy tiger-predator ratio and known for valleys,hills and waterfalls.

Indian wild dog

The Kabini reservoir separates the two parks of Nagarhole National Park and Bandipur National Park. The Kabini wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka is the best place to spot rare Black Panther in India also known as the Ghost of Kabini and other keystone wildlife species of India such as Indian leopard,dhole dog, sloth bear, Indian elephant, Indian bision and the bengal tiger.

Sharavati river valley is home to India’s most rare, exotic, endangered and endemic lion tailed macaque.

Bandipur National Park, Mysore


Bandipur National Park is also known as Bandipur National Tiger Reserve known for its wildlife and many types of deciduous forest,Grassland and biomes. The wildlife park is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and a major tourist destination on the route to the city of Ooty from Mysore.

Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore


Bannerghatta National Park is a popular tourist destination  with an aquarium, a zoo,butterfly park and snake house. Some portion of the national park has became a biological reserve,an animal rescue centre and also part of a wildlife corridor between the BR Hills and the Sathyamangalam forest.

Kudremukh National Park, Chikkamagaluru


Kudremukh National Park is popular for its mountain range,scenic beauty and picturesque view of peak and hills. The park has 3rd highest peak of Karnataka and is the second largest wildlife protected area of the State of Karnataka.

Anshi National Park, Uttara Kannada


Anshi National Park is a habitat of big Indian predators such as Bengal tigers, black panthers and Indian leopard. The park along with Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary were together has a project Tiger tiger reserve and home to several dams and nuclear power stations.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttara Kannada


Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal vacation destination in north Karnataka for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Along with neighboring Anshi National Park, The sanctuary declared as the Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve and is a birdwatchers paradise.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Kodagu

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous 21 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka state and has been proposed as a World Heritage Site. Pushpagiri is the highest peak of the forest and designated as one of the important bird areas of the world.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Chikmagalur


Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary has a wide range of flora and fauna and a protected area for Tigers,located near by Chikmagalur town. The area is a biodiversity hotspot and supports more than 120 plant species,300 species of birds,mammals,Reptiles and Butterflies.

Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, Coorg


Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary is situated on the border between Wyanad of Kerala and Kodagu district of Karnataka. The area has mainly evergreen and semi-evergreen forest and has a lot of wildlife such as Lion-tailed Macaque,Jungle Cat, Nilgiri Langur and Malabar Giant Squirrel.

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Mandya


Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the protected area in Karnataka,consists of dry deciduous and riverine forests. The sanctuary is home to big mammals like elephant, leopard, dhole and also houses various species of reptiles like the Mugger crocodile and species of snakes. There are 5 best Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka, known for rare and endangered birdlife and are the best biodiversity hotspots of Karnataka.

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