The Best Five Bird Sanctuaries of Karnataka State

Karnataka is known for its nature tourism,wild life consists of animals, plants and birds. The state has 5 most beautiful bird sanctuaries,21 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 national park, which are home to a large number of local migratory Bird such as bar-headed gooseis,flamingos and crane.

Best National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Karnataka

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary


Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is one of the most famous bird sanctuary in India and home to rare and endangered birdlife. Ranganathittu is located in the Mandya district and is the largest bird sanctuary in the state of Karnataka.

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary


Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is surrounded by dense forest and Tunga river, the river forms a little island which is home to the migratory birds. Mandagadde sanctuary is among the top bird sanctuaries around Bangalore and important a perfect heaven for water bird nesting.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary


Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is one of the best five bird sanctuaries of Karnataka state,located on the Banavasi Road in Gudavi of Sorab Taluk. A natural lake and the trees are home to 217 different species of birds.

Magadi Bird Sanctuary


Magadi Bird Sanctuary attracts a large population of waterfowls and one of the biodiversity hotspots of Karnataka. The little known bird sanctuary of Magadi is home to bar-headed gooseis, one of the birds which migrate to Magadi wetlands every year.

Bonal Bird Sanctuary


Bonal Bird Sanctuary sometimes spelled as Bohnal Bird Sanctuary is also has a large wetland and is the second largest bird sanctuary in the state of Karnataka. The sanctuary is home to around 21 species of birds such as black ibis, brahminy duck and bar-headed goose.

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