10 Different Varieties of Chilies Grown In India

Chili pepper is a fruit used in Indian cuisines as a spice, introduced in India by the Portuguese and today India is one of the largest producer of green chili and dried chili peppers. Here is the list of some of the World’s hottest Chilies grown in India.

Bhut Jolokia – World’s Hottest Chili


Bhut jolokia also known as ghost chili is mostly cultivated in the Northeast states of India along with Naga Chili and listed as the world’s hottest chili pepper followed by the Naga Viper.

These ghost peppers are used as a food and a spice in northeastern India in both fresh and dried forms, also the pods are unique among peppers and color as well.

Naga Chili, Nagaland

Naga Morich is a small but hottest chili pepper cultivated in Northeast India, especially in Nagaland and Manipur. The Naga chili is related to the Bhut jolokia and also listed as one of the world’s hottest known chili from India.

Naga Viper pepper is hybrid variety of chilies created in England by chili farmer, produced from the Naga Morich and the world’s most famous and hottest Bhut jolokia.

Jwala Chili, Gujarat


The Jwala chili is long, twisted, and cayenne type chili from Gujarat is the most popular Chili in India, majorly grown in Kheda and Mehsana. Jwala Chili one of the most famous and one of the many varieties of chilies grown in India.


Guntur Chili, Andhra Pradesh

Guntur chili from Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh is renowned globally and the red chili powder Guntur is exported to countries in Middle East and Latin America.

Guntur Chilies do offer different types, various colors and flavors with respect to curries and dishes. Guntur Sannam S4 Type is the best and most famous type of Guntur chili and registered as one of the geographical indications of Andhra Pradesh.

Kanthari Chili, Kerala

Kanthari chilies or Kanthari mulaku is well known as bird’s eye chilies and host list of health benefits, grown in Kerala state of India.

Bird’s eye chili variety commonly found across Southeast Asia, grown in Indian states of Kerala and North East. Dhani chilies are dried form of birds eye chili and one of the 10 hottest chili.

Byadagi Chili, Karnataka

Byadagi chili is the most important and very popular variety of chili in India, mainly grown in the town of Byadgi in the Haveri district of Karnataka. Bedgi or Byadagi is less spicy and known for its deep red colour, also has been tagged with Geographical Indication (GI) product of Karnataka.

Kashmiri Chili, Kashmir

Kashmiri Chili is very popular as a colour agent and used across the country in many dishes. Red chili powder from Kashmir is very mild and one of the must have spice to many Indian cuisine.

Bangalore Torpedo Chili


Bangalore Torpedo Chili is a long green chili with twisty shape and beautiful color plus one of the extreme hot variety of chili originates from India.

Mundu Chili, Tamil Nadu

S9 mundu chilies are round shaped chili, Especially grown in Ramnad district of Tamil Nadu and Ramanathapuram is the top producer of chili pepper in Tamil Nadu.

Rounded Green, Black and Red Chili

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These small black chilies are extremely hot and one of the less popular varieties of chili grown in India.


Black chili and Rounded green, red and black color variation of chilies are also grown in different part of India.


Red chili powder is a spices of Indian cuisine, made by dried one or more varieties of chili found in India. Kashmiri chili powder and Deggi Mirch powder are two bright red chili powder used in many different cuisines and also for flavor.


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